Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Brock has arrived Safe and sound in the Philippines. 30 missionaries arrived at the same time. Joan Sinema or Angel and our support system was there to meet him.

We woke up this morning to this picture in our email from Brother Sinema and one similar to it from Sister Sinema assuring us he was safe and sound. Of course I never doubted he would be safe. A plane filled with 30 missionaries had to be the safety flight in all the world. God continues to bless our missionaries.

Here is a short message Elder Minson sent this Morning.

Alright so I only have like 2 minutes. I made it!! It has been crazy and amazing and I am so overwhelmed with joy. The land is beautiful and just beyond comparison to anywhere else. I have met some extremely nice Filipino Elders and they are just amazing. I am safe and will be getting my trainer tomorrow. I love you thanks for everything. I have some pictures on here of on the plane in Manilla. Please keep your shoes on!

Elder Minson

President Lopez posted these pictures on his facebook page.

Finally he gets to the mission home in Bacolod

New Missionary Orientation Packets

First Meal in the Mission Home

Bearing his Testimony