Sunday, February 23, 2014

Week# 29 Philippines Tangub Ward Bacolod South Stake


So how is everyone doing this week?

Alright so this week was rough. We were just having very little success every day. Usually we split our area apart so we are going to different area everyday. This week was different we hit our whole area almost everyday and we still had very few lessons! UGH! I was just so upset by this. We have tried 15 minute member lessons, ward missionaries with us, LA focus, ect. It just was a rough, rough week... But I am not going make that a reason for me to stop! 

For good news we had several of our investigators commit to a baptismal date and 3 of them are so close to being baptized! They should be baptized by the 3rd week of March! I will admit this Sunday was a bit sad though. We expected so many to come  to church. We ended up finding out there was a burial that morning and all our progressing investigators went to it. It was a bit frustrating.... They said they will for sure be at church next week though! 
So I learned a lot about my self at presidents training this last week. The thing I have focused on is "listening" I realize I struggled with listening to my companion and what he is teaching. I focused so hard on it this week and I learned something new. "Listening" is a two way thing, you need to do it as a companionship. Though I love Elder Dalumpines completely, he really does have a problem with this. Every time I listened, the spirit was easily felt, I taught confident and strong! Then I realized after I finished he would go, but it had nothing to do with what I just said! Haha! It is a work in progress, but eventually we will get this whole unity in teaching thing down!
We also have transfers this week! I really don't want to leave do to Hazel being baptized the 2nd week of March. I love her family! She asked me such a heart breaking question and I was sad to respond. She asked, "Will you still be here to keep teaching me after I get baptized?" It kicked me in the face a bit. Though I have a bit of a desire to leave to get a new look. I really love the people here and I will be really sad to leave them! As I said earlier though, Elder Dalumpines said in his interview President told him to help prepare me to be senior this next transfer! Which means transfers...

I am trying to work hard, learning the language and the lessons so I can teach effectively and I everyday see improvement in myself! I will get there eventually! Keep working hard family! I love all of you! Thank you so much for keeping me updated on everything! Boys keep having fun and working hard for your missions! Mom keep strong, school is the hardest part, the rest is fun and games ;) Dad I love you, thank you so much for your example! For all my grandparents, family members, and friends, Keep Those Shoes On! I will be home in a blink and will help you tie them when I get there! ;) Love you all! 

Elder Minson

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Proof of Life Found!!!

Elder Minson and Elder Dalumpines
It has been a while since we have seen any new pictures from President Lopez and it was nice to wake up this morning to these little treasures. It is funny how, as a parent, You can identify your own child even if their back is turned or old a little feature like an eye or ear is visible. So, Lets Play a little game of Where's Brocko (Waldo), he is in each of these photos somewhere... even if it is only an ear or eye brow.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Count 'em 8 investigators to Church Sunday!!

Dear Pappy, Mappy, Brod, Brig, Clark, and others,

Well this week I really have a hard time thinking of things to report that are new or interesting. I will try my best, but honestly there isn't much.

First off I will tell you that my feet are doing just fine! I went to the Doctor. She said to get this medicine which the pharmacy didn't have... but the Sinemas came and saved me by giving me foot powder that really worked for them here! And it has been working for me! It is almost all gone now!

Well this week was a trying week through out the entire week! We were getting punted left and right from investigators and less actives! I was really getting depressed and down on myself do to the few teachings that were coming in. Well as the week went on it was the same all around. This was singly the hardest week I have had here for teachings. We did do many 15 min lessons to members because we had time and now have started finding the members who will be very great contributors to helping us.

Well after all this difficulty Sunday rolled around... This was one of the greatest and most humbling things my whole mission! We had 5 investigators (one being Hazel with 6 kids in the neighborhood) show up! Which is one of the highest I have had here! They were very spiritually nourished by great teachings from some of the members who taught the classes. Not only did we have many investigators, we had Long Time Less Active Members show up! We had about 8 that I have never seen come to church my whole time here! The blessings are just rolling in with all the difficulty! I love how the Lord blesses us at the hardest times! I have now seen the worst of the worst times to some of the greatest. Honestly our numbers were not great at all, but we had one of the highest investigators at church! I am just so blessed to see this great change in this Ward!

Well Hazel is coming around very well! She has been taught everything! Last night we were just going to review with her, all of a sudden she had another lady at her house! So we taught her the first lesson as a review for Hazel and a first lesson for this now new investigator!

The area is doing good! I am happy! I am always tired! And I swear I am always emailing you! Every other day is P-Day it feels like! I am so surprised how fast this is going! I am just amazed! 1/3 down 2/3 to go!

Well Family I love you so much! If anyone has questions please send me them now! I really love answering questions! And if I did not answer them in this email please email me them again! I love you so much and I miss you!


Elder Minson