Wednesday, March 27, 2013

He finally got his call!!!

Tonight at 6:30pm surrounded by dozens of friends and family members Brock opened his mission call. The feeling was amazing and his reaction priceless. He will be serving in the Bacolod, Philippines Mission and will report to the MTC on June 19, 2013 (Reading of  the call to the right.)

A friend of mine, came to his announcement. He is not a member of the church but he has lived in Utah since he was in Jr. High. He had never been invited to anything like this. He commented how interesting it was to watch all of Brock's friends. He said he wouldn't expect the kids of his congregation to have so much excitement, interest and enthusiasm for something like this. He said he was very impressed.


As I looked around and I was so impressed with what I saw. His friends are truly a source of support and inspiration in his life and Tonya and I are so grateful for each you. It does a parents heart good to see their child surrounded by people who love him even when they are not obligated. (That being said he will be expecting letters from you through out his mission.)

Today, as we sat talking at lunch time, I asked Brock if there was anywhere he didn't want to go where would it be. He said it really didn't matter but that he didn't want to go anywhere there would be Big Spiders. So when he announced where he was going you can imagine the laughter.

I gotta hand it to Brock, ever since he was in primary, he has always talked about wanting to go on a mission. He has never wavered.When the mission age changed, Tonya told him that we would move our family trip to early Summer so he could go. Brock very frankly said "Save the money for my mission, I am ready to go now I don't want to wait." It is with that faith and Testimony that he begins his Mission.

He will be reporting to the MTC on June 19, 2013. God bless this son of mine.

"The Call" is in the box

Almost Official!!!

Micheal Hill called this morning to let us know that the letter will be coming today! Mom and Dad are in disbelief that it has come so quickly. We are so proud of Brock and the person he has become and the person that he has always been. Patients boy 6pm will be here soon enough. :)

Watch it here ****LIVE****

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Call Has Been Issued

Today we found out the mission call has been issued. The bishop checked online and it said it had been issued on the 21st. That took exactly 11 days. Heads up missionaries they are moving quick in Salt lake City.

Today I setup a video stream so we can broadcast live the opening of Brock's call. We have so many family members and friends that live so far way I am hoping it will work so they can see where he is going.

Pins and Needles

Sunday, March 10, 2013

In the beginning

Today Brock had his final interview with our Stake President Terry Wayment. He survived the interview. President Wayment told him it would be around the first week of April when he could expect his call.

I'm not sure how I feel about it. I am so excited and proud as a dad, everything his mother and I have done in raising him has been with this day on mind. How excited we are that he has prepared himself and been found worth to serve. We know he will do great. He will be an outstanding missionary. He has a strong testimony and is well prepared to serve his Father in Heaven.

I gotta say, with the change in the missionary age, we kind of feel like a year has been taken from us. We had plans of paying off bills, and saving up money. We had every intention of being well prepared to send him off; but all the "going to's" slipped away last October when President Monson announced the new age at which missionaries can serve. I guess we can't prepare too early for those things that are most import. Someday I have to do something about the procrastination problem of mine. :)

Brock is so excited to go. You can see it in his eyes, in the way we stands and moves and communicates. It is amazing to see the change one day makes. When he was very young he told us he could not wait to go on a  mission  and he has never reconsidered his decision. When the big announcement last fall was made we told Brock we could move our family trip plans up and he said no save the money I am ready to go when I graduate.

It is with that kind of determination he will serve the lord.