Sunday, May 25, 2014

a very crazy and amazing week of unproportional awesomeness!!

Dear Loving Family of Mine,

Elder Minson and his three day companion.
Alright, so this week has been a very crazy and amazing week of unproportional awesomeness!! So Elder Babida got transferred which is really sad... I really wanted to go one more transfer with the man, but it is all good. So what you saw on Facebook was my second new companion of the week! Yeah so I am sending a picture of the companion I had for 3 days. He was here in the area then another area had some problems and emergency transferred my companion, Elder Bedonia, and Elder Carver to their area, and I got a new companion, Elder Cusili, on Saturday. Elder Bedonia was a great companion and very loving and I really loved the guy! Now I have Elder Cusili who is just as awesome! We have great elders in the apartment! Elder Howell is in the same apartment as me and he is just awesome. (Kase Howell if you want to look him up) 

Elder Minson's Second and current Comp for this week.
With their investigators scheduled for Baptism next week.
So enough about the craziness off transfers! I have great news! All 4 of our investigators passed their interviews and I will be having a great big baptism on Saturday! Those girls you saw I was in the picture with on Presidents facebook. Those are the Demapendan Family! They are getting baptized and are the best people in the whole world! I really love them! I am so excited to see them be baptized! Brother Nonoy, Sister Ana Marie's husband, is also getting baptized and we are totally excited for him too! 

So we have found a great amount of very willing investigators and are expecting weekly baptisms next month! SO be prepared for great pictures! I am so excited! I am doing so good and am just totally ready to baptize the entire area! I am just so up for that! My whole focus is on my mission! This is really where I am supposed to be! I love hearing from everyone though so if you can get everyone sending emails! I really miss people and every positive email I get makes me want to work 2X harder! I really just want support that is all I want! :) 

So not much happened do to so many transfers! Sorry... I love you all keep happy nice to see all of you! Keep sending me pictures they are my favorite! Mom thanks so much for that advise it was very timely! Dad thanks for being a great example. Brigham keep kicking but in those sports bud! Brody get a hair cut and email me!! I love you all! Keep smiling and keep those shoes on! 

Elder Minson

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Happy, Healthy and ready to work.

Dear ole Mappy, Pappy, and the Gang,
Well this week was really good! My companion is now alive and kicking butt and taking names! We have been working way hard this week trying to build are area back up from the down weeks and we got plenty of success! I have some great peopel I want to tell you about and some great experiences we have had! Sorry pictures will be none... We have really slow internet and my pics won't even load without taking down the internet hopefully you got those 4 and that will be good tell next week!
Alright so first people I want to talk about is the D. family! So these were and OYM (Open Your Mouth) we had in one of our really far areas. We got out there and my companion looked and me and said,"we will never come back" (this was 1 month ago). I said, "Heck yes we will, I am going to OYM everyone." Well soon after that we met this family! Sister A, A, and A. They are a great family that was totally an elect people for us! We talked to them and Sister A has been looking into all churches to figure it all out! Well the time  has come to figure it out! They are a super strong family filled with great questions and they actually read in the pamphlets and The Book of Mormon! When they talk they say "our church" and not "your church." I love this family and am excited for their baptism on the 31st of May. Hopefully no transfers will come this week! (it is transfer week) I don't expect there will be though!
2nd about Bro N.B. His wife was baptized 2 weeks ago! He is just a stud! We taught Word of Wisdom and he told us now when his friends offer he just tells them next time! Which here in the Philippines more then always means never! It is so cool! He is way poor,but he manages to do all he can for his family and still makes time to help us out! He will also be baptized on the 31st of May.
Now last is about a family I just OYMed on a trike! This man told me there is a ton of people in this one area that will be willing to listen to us and even come to church! It is pretty far out there, but the roads are not o bad and is easy to get there! SO we taught this family which is HUGE! And then we asked if others are willing ot listen and they said that when this festival thing is over they will take us to a bunch of there friends! SO we are totally pumped for that area! We might be starting a group in that area! Which means a special sacrament just for the people out there! We are seriously dominating the area!
I am doing healthy that powder is really working! I might have you send me 2 more of the jugs if you can! I could use them and I feel it really is helping! My feet are looking more healthy! If you can that would be awesome!
Well this week though seems like it would be rough for me it really hasn't been! I am going strong and I am happy! I have been really working hard to make the time pass by and it really does make time fly! I hope to be able to show you the fruits of my labors! Our President just told us we are one of the top 5 baptizing missions in the WORLD!! I am so excited to be a part of that legacy! It really is a great and marvelous work!

Well I love you and miss you! I am here if you need anything! I am trying to be a really strong missionary and work really hard for all of you! Please be safe and strong! Focus on the good and keep your Faith in Jesus Christ! I challenge you all to read Preach My Gospel and apply it to your lives! I love you!
Elder Minson
PS- Tell Jason that I am totally wanting to come back with him here every few years or so! As long as I have a friend and I can come to my island I am totally cool with coming back! ;)

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Week # 39 Philippines Cadiz 2nd Branch Cadiz Stake

Dear Family and Loved Ones,

This week has been a really odd week and I will admit for me pretty long! We had a great training by President Lopez last week on Faith in Jesus Christ and Enduring Hardships. It really put faith in a new perspective! The thing I loved was the explanation. We can have faith in many things, bu tit will all be vain for our faith only needs to really on Jesus Christ! If we really on him all things will work out all trials will go away. This does not mean we can just do nothing because in the bible it says faith without works is dead! So we have to Live our lives with Faith in Christ and work to become more like him! This applies to everything, school, work, extracurricular activities, and yes even relationships! Now this is a great gift our Heavenly Father has given us! As long as we are doing what we are suppose to and keep our Faith in Christ all things will work to our good! 

This week was great well for the most part! So We got a baptism (those pics will come). Sister A! I got the opportunity to baptize her and it was really awesome! It was a little weird because she was pregnant and I was not expecting the weight!! Haha!! She is younger then me and this is her 2nd child, but she has a strong testimony and is always so excited to learn the gospel! She is in our furthest area and is very poor... She tries so hard every week and sometimes she doesn't have money to get back home so the branch members help her out! But she is so strong! And her husband will hopefully be baptized next month! As long as he can get off work! 

I have a favor to ask from all of you, can you all pray for my investigators and LA's: ... They are great people and they are close to their baptismal dates but we need them to get to church! So please pray for them! 

Well my companion is really sick again! Like way more sick then last time... He is taking like 4 different medicines and it is just not good! Please pray for him as well! His Birthday is this week and that is the same day I probably will get my package! Maybe can you send me a bit of money so we can get a good meal or something? If you don't have money don't worry about it! This is one my favorite companions and it kills me to see him sick... and it also kills me not being able to work 100%!! 

Anyway that is all I have to tell! I love you all so much! You are so amazing! I have been keeping strong! Please let me know if I can do anything for any of you that read this! Even if it is send a small message! I just really want to help all those who need it! I love you, keep your shoes on!

Elder Minson