Monday, August 26, 2013

Week #9 - Stuck in the Mud

Dear Pamiliya,

Holy Crap it has been a fast week. It actually has been a fast month! I swear I got here 2 weeks ago, but nope it is my 4th week! I have realized how great this place is. The people are great and the culture is just amazing. I struggle a little bit every morning, but after personal study I feel so much relief from the gospel. I have had many of lessons. We have got to have many of experiences with families and some of them are just crazy. I  can't go anywhere without getting mobbed by thousands of kids and they just hang on me and like to climb all over. I have a few people that I really love personally I met some boys who we haven't taught or anything they are just nice and like to talk to us and even though I don't know the language I am able to still have some fun with all of them. They just like to party and like to dance. It is nice because music is everywhere here both music from America and Filipino. All of it is usually upbeat and happy they don't listen to sad stuff so it makes me happy to just walk down the street to a beat.
HE got stuck in the mud.
It is okay though cause my first week
I did the same thing
and lost my shoes... Ironic right?

I just got your Dear Elder 5 seconds ago Dad. I have a lot of experiences, but they are mostly the same. Here is one that happened last night. A man who ... hasn't been coming to church. We have been in his house and he is super spiritual we just had no idea he was less active. We talked to him last night and talked about faith to him and a RC that works for him. I built up the courage because I knew this man and I knew he understood me. I talked about the shoes. I bore testimony and I felt the spirit of everyone in my life help me. He then bore testimony and sounded like he was convincing himself to come back to church. He is a great man and I hope he finds success in his life, hopefully he will come back to church.

That (xbox) party looked extremely fun! I want to do that when I return. Which is soon I know it is. 21 months is not that long of a time. I think of all the stuff I am missing and then I think how great my joy will be and I can share weeks with hanging out with my family watching movies, playings games, and talking about stuff. I am actually glad to miss it for 2 years it gives more to look forward to in the future.

I hope to keep going  on strong here. I miss all of you. I have had experiences from getting stuck in mud, to wading in rivers, to instant rain then sun, SPIDERS (i hate them still), ect. I will make sure you know what I go through. Just remember to keep writing me. I was sad not to see letters from the boys. Tell them I need their support. Tell Connor I am proud of him and the people in Arizona are going to love him and he will do great. I am thankful for you support. I know this gospel is true, through Christ and his Atonement we can be saved. Stay strong and endure to the end.

Elder Minson

PS: Dad you are crazy hahaha!! I love you I got told by everyone that you added them on Facebook before I did!! Though it is a bit embarrassing I love it because it makes me feel loved!! Don't stop being yourself.
I love you.

This was in the poorest area we have the Frammar.
They are as lively as ever and love to party.
Even the oldest women loves pictures and
will jump in front of the camera. haha

Elder Minson, Elder Crosland, Sister Cinco, Sister Emelio

Elder Minson, Elder Crosland, Sister Cinco, Sister Emelio

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Another "Perfect" Stranger

Gil Camporazo
The world is getting smaller with social media. I received a message over face book from a church member in the Philippines. He asked if I served in the Philippines and I told him no that my son was currently serving the Bacolod Mission. Well to make a long story short this gentleman is in the same Branch Brock is assigned to.

I am becoming a firm believer that our Heavenly Father places us in the path of others to bless the lives of his children. Our lives have been blessed by another "Perfect" stranger. Our heart felt appreciation goes out to Gil Camporazo our newest friend in the Philippines for his thoughtfulness in sending us these pictures and his willingness to send a message to a "not so "perfect" person" (Me). This connection has made a real difference for Tonya and I. It is good to see Brock look so happy.

As a side note, Looks Like Brock is wearing the tie my Grandma Minson sent him while he was in the MTC.

This is Elder Minson and his Companion Mario Crosland
With Gill Jr. (Recently returned Missionary)

Brock Minson and His Companion Elder Mario Crosland
with Gil Camporazo's Family

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Week #8 - River Life

Hey Everyone,

I miss all of you to start off. I have been going a bit crazy here. I just can't keep home out of the back of my mind. It leaves with time my comp says. Me and him get along really well. Almost to well actually... we are both extremely sarcastic with one another and we just get along really well.

Mom when I meant we aren't eating a lot I meant we aren't eating in others houses. I have been eating a ton of just our cheap food at home. I have been cooking like crazy. Yesterday I cut my own meat off a whole chicken and deep fried it. My companion said quote "This is my beloved companion who I am well pleased." HAHAHAHA Sorry hopefully I won't get smitten for that, but it was funny. I love cooking here it gives me something to focus on.

I have had a crazy experience this week. I have the opportunity and privilege of teaching a retired WW2 Veteran, who is mostly deaf, speaks only english, and is super popular in our country. Harold J. N.  is his name. He has some crazy stories. He has been a bishop of a Catholic church. He has a daughter with SP in the US. He is 83 years old. He is just amazing to talk to. I guess he sometimes cries because he has no one to talk to (according to his house keeper). It is sad so we try and visit him a lot. He is just an amazing story in himself.

Yesterday, was the first day I can say the language is taking effect. I can teach most of the simpler topics. I understand conversation, but I don't understand direct questions. I love the children because they try helping me understand. One girl particularly is amazing. Her name is Nicky M., she is 10 years old and is the coolest little girl ever. She is one of my close friends here. We hope to baptize her in a month or so.

We have quiet a few investigators, but this week me and my companion have decided to focus on the one we have. This is important because we haven't had time in the past to visit some because we had so many. We are focusing on few so we can make sure those are getting the care and attention they need to grow in the gospel.

So something funny about the Philippines. They all think white/fair skin is beautiful. So pretty much the opposite of America. I get told I am handsome by everyone. It is crazy!! I secretly love it inside though hahaha. I have gotten so many questions like "Whats your facebook?"

These people are just technology obsessed. They have nothing in their homes but they have an I-Phone. Crazy!!! That is why we are now able to do Facebook communications!!!!! WOOHOO!!! I am in charge of the La Carlota Branch 1 Facebook page and group. We are allowed to add family but not communicate. You will be able to see some crazy cool stuff.

It has been tough this week money wise though. Me and my companion had to start fresh so we had to buy all the new food and stuff to live. We have an aircon because this apartment use to be the sisters so it is one of the nicer apartments. We can't afford to plug it in though even if we had money. If you could put money one my checking it would be nice. and tell me how much is on there. I only withdrew 1000 pesos or 25$ dollars and it said I had 150 pesos left. We are struggling with money and are trying to get things going again. We get to withdraw today but we have to pay about 100 pesos to get to an ATM. So please let us know immediately.

I am doing fine though. My bag got destroyed as you can tell. Please tell the CTR Clothing people that they need to redo the fabric and make the stitching and fabric stronger. It broke last week so I resewed it and now the fabric is ripping not the stitching. I am getting a new bag today... more money gone... Oh well this next one will last because it is Filipino made!

It is just crazy out here and is such a blast. I have crossed rivers. Hiked fields. Ride on top of trikes (crazy I am telling you). It is awesome. I miss home of course, but I have came in tune with why I am here. I still miss you and think of you all the time. Please keep strong. Make sure to write me. I am  in need of knowing things hahaha. I miss you all. I love everyone.

Mom you are amazing and have kept me so strong please keep letting me know on how things are going with you and the family and the Ward.I love you and am so thankful for all you have taught me.

Dad keep strong keep going life is hard, but in the eternities it doesn't matter. Read the Kolob Therom it will blow your mind I am excited to know if it is true. It is what keeps me going and thinking. I love you and thanks for everything  you have done even in hard times it was worth it.


Elder Minson
PS: Look up Philippines traffic on you tube. Then you can answer me if you really want to come to the Philippines. HAHAHA

We argued with tonya that he would like tie
Shoes better, then he goes and buys these?
Mom Was Right.