Sunday, October 27, 2013

Transferred and loving the new area and companion!

Dear Daddi Minson ;),

So I am sending individual letters to everyone this week. So compile what sounds good to you and put that on the blog. I have so many things to tell everyone individually I can't do it any other way.

 So you met Brother Balintay, he is one of the greatest men I have met here. His wife Bliss is just amazing as well! They are the cooks for the missionaries... and they feed us through the week. He did give me a massage (for Brocks Back Pain) and it was amazing but he said we will have to do it a couple more time to fix it. I have pictures, but as I said in Mom's email it is too risky to send on these computers. Brother Balintay has a bunch of plans of different foods I am going to try! I am excited!!

Another amazing family is the Sano Family. They have fed us for 2 nights in a row and it is Brothers birthday tonight so we will be eating there again! They are a family that has fellow shipped an investigator to the point where he lives in their house!! He is awesome, but he has a learning disability and forgets things really easy, he never went to school so amat-amat (little by little) we are teaching him. He should be baptized next month!

These families are just a few of the amazing families here. I was lucky and am now in the Tangub Area, which just so happens to be Elder Croslands area before me and him went to La Carlota. He was well known and loved here so they except me like I am his son HAHA! I think it just awesome! Elder Mata' Utia is Elder Croslands old companion in Cauyan so it is awesome to have him for both my 3rd transfer and Elder Croslands 3rd transfer. Transfers here are a bit weird. We took a Ceres (bus) to go to Bacolod, then a taxi or trike to Galo Chapel, which is where the Mission Office is, and there we wait to get our new companions while the Assistance supervise it all.

I am growing one day at a time. I gave a talk yesterday and didn't do to bad at all in the language. I struggle because Elder Mata' Utia is 17 months out and is really good at the language and lessons, he likes to do really quick short lessons, (which is the opposite of me) so i struggle to help and it is hard for me to feel the spirit so I am trying to slow it down just a bit to make them feel the spirit. He lifts me up though, if I do something good like relate a scripture to what he is talking about it he compliments me. He is a man of few, even though he knows good english, so we just sing! Singing is the key to the spirit. Try getting the missionaries to do Caroling with ward missionaries. It makes people feel at home it really does.
Well I have nothing else to say... I love you and miss you all. I miss your advise and scripture references so please send me more to study up on! I love you and the whole family tell everyone HI and I love them for me! Love you!!

Elder Minson

Dear Mother of Mine,
I think you are amazing I hope you know that! So this week was transfers... I would send pictures, but the computers here i guess have a tendency to erase all pictures on peoples cards so I will wait tell I am at a members with a computer or at the church and you will get a ton then! I am with Elder Mata' Utia, he is full blood Samoan who is in the US ARMY. He is one of Elder Croslands old companions so we have some common ground! If you didn't know I am in Elder Crosland's area right before he trained me! It is both mine and his 2nd area!! I love it here! I am sad that I left La Carlota, it was my home away from home, I knew where everything I could need was... but here is more Americanized, they are richer, they are easier to speak with, and they have big hearts. You have already met Brother Balintay, he is one of the greatest men I have ever met. Another family you should look up is the Sano family.They are both the families that feed us!!  I love it here. Thank you for the pictures they are just amazing to look at. I will admit they make me a bit sad because the people here are already trying to celebrate Christmas!!!! Actually that Started in September!!! It is crazy here hahaha!!  Well I love you and am so proud of you!

Elder Minson

Dear Brigham

That is awesome bud!! I am so proud of you for passing the sacrament!! I love you and am so glad that you are growing in the church. I did not make the scripture case. There is a man that all missionaries go to in the Sagay area. He does them in clay and mine is one of the newest and nicest in the mission. He used to use heavy clay but he has found a new way to make it lighter, and he glosses them now so they look awesome! It was 2000 pesos for the whole thing to get done. (about 45$) It is expensive but as you can see it is way worth it! I love them and they have a little of Elder Minson flavor to them. I am companions with Elder Mata'Utia!! He is a full blood Samoan. He is amazing at the language...  I will send pictures another day.
Elder Minson

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Elder Minson Has Been Transferred!!!!

We found out last night that Brock was transferred to the Bacolod South Zone. We were not sure which district he was transfered to until we woke up this morning to a Facebook message from a member in his new area. Here is what the message said. I post this not for my own glory but because it shows the kind of missionary he is becoming, and we are so proud of him for being the man that he is.

Samuel Mañago Balintay Jr.
Dinner time in the Phils Dadi Minson!

Samuel Mañago Balintay Jr.

My wife cooked for them last night and tonight. This is his second night here in his 2nd area, Tangub Ward, Phils. Bacolod South Mission.

Samuel Mañago Balintay Jr.
Your son is such a humble missionary. I can't wait til my serve too in the next 17more years. Hahaha! He will turn 1 on Monday the 29/11/2013.

Samuel Mañago Balintay Jr.
My Sons name is Stephen Viktor.

Samuel Mañago Balintay Jr.

How did you brought up such a fine young men like him? Will you teach me how?

What finer compliment can a father receive than to hear this. How proud our Heavenly Father must be of each of us when we are included in a prayer of gratitude for kind deeds and acts of service rendered. I am so proud to be his dad and humbled to have been blessed with a son who represents his family so well in the mission field.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Earthquakes, rainstorms, bad backs, giant spiders, ect.

Alright Family your turn,

How are all of you doing? How is life going? Any struggles you going through? Well it is going awesome here! Earthquakes, rainstorms, bad backs, giant spiders, ect. I have been able to enjoy hearing from a General Authority!  I have had such a crazy week of doctor appointments in Bacolod, Getting lost in Bacolod, and finally being cured of pain!
First about mission tour. We had the opportunity of having Elder Neilson of the Seventy come and speak to us! We were able to listen to him and his wife. His wife spoke on Companionship's, which is funny because I have no problems with mine! She helped us realize it
is not just tolerating but accepting each other.  That is how it is with families, friends, and mission companions! I hope to apply all she taught us! Elder Neilson was amazing!! He spoke on a lot of different topics and any question that came up he blew away like a clay pigeon! I hope to become like that some day!
Earthquake was neat... I was standing in the kitchen cooking pancakes and Elder Crosland asked if I felt "that" I said no and right after I said that i did! it was about a minute long of the most interesting experiance ever. After that I resumed making my pancakes and talking about it with elder Crosland!
My back is doing much better! It was muscle problem. The doctor gave me medicine to take for the week and it has
helped almost immediately! I will have to go in for a theropy treatment soon to learn how to stretch right and that will be ongoing on my own time through my whole life! I will be fine! I am going to buy a backpack, a couple in our branch sells some amazing Camel Backs for 1000 pesos ( 25 dollars) and everyone uses them especially for exchanges!
Transfers are happening Wednesday! We will find out tomorrow night who will be going. We both believe it is Elder Crosland! I will probably  lead the area here in La Carlota. After this transfer I am qualified to train so who knows what I will be doing!! I could be a trainer for all I know!! Which is
scary because I have a hard time communicating with people still. Especially those who don't know any English... It is coming just... slowly!
Dad, don't worry about me.... I love you, I am doing well and am growing closer to the Lord everyday! Remember that faith without works is dead... distractions are always gonna be there you just have to remember that the work just needs to be done study, pray, and use that testimony. In Preach My Gospel, it talks about why we need to bare testimony all the time. It not only helps us, but people will have the vale slowly fade away through the words you speak.
I am so proud of you! I am so glad you are doing will in school. I pray for you! I wish i could help, but I know you can do it! The Lord is there to guide in "all things." Ask yourself what needs to be accomplished in the morning before you pray, that way you will be able to run through the schedule with our Father in Heaven. He will help you accomplish all the works you have set forth too.

Brody Stop with the girl loving! It will only get you in trouble trust me it isn't worth it tell you are older. Girls are amazing trust me I know that! I just challenge you to date a lot, when you are 16 of course. I will be home before you are 16 so I shouldn't hear anything about kissing or loving... Get better bro that looks painful!!
Brig-Ham I am glad you had a fun birthday! I am proud of you and all the pictures of you getting older are crazy to me!! I hope you enjoy all the time you have while you are young. The priesthood is amazing thing use it and exercise it as much as you can! I love you bro!
I love you all I am becoming a better missionary and a better man day by day I can tell. I am focused on becoming the missionary you all want me to be, and better yet the missionary my Father in Heaven wants me to be! I have been through much here, i can't wait for more!! Lots of love and kisses!
Elder Minson

Here are some pics of the scripture covers Brock had made. He says they are made out  of clay.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Earthquake Follow up

We got a message from our angel friends the Sinema's following the earthquake. Sister Sinema saw Brock at zone conference on Wednesday and this is what she wrote...

"I asked Brock for a quote on the earthquake for you and he said, "it happened and they are fine!" I just chuckled!"

I can only imagine Brock being so Nonchalant.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Major Earthquake rocks Philippines -

Our message from President Lopez via Facebook

Earthquake Update: All missionaries are safe.

(Red arrow is where the mission is and the Star is where the earthquake happened Click to enlarge )

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Brock's investigator gets baptized!!!

Dear Family, friends, cats and dogs, best friends, girl friend, politicians, bloggers,
HI!! Haha sorry I have been out here in the field for almost 3 months now and my brain has kind of snapped! BUT, its a good thing because now I find joy in the smallest things!!

This past week has been interesting to say the least! I have had very great moments and other moments that left me well not sad... but in pain...

First with the goods!!! I GOT TO BAPTIZE LENY!!! WHOOHOO!!! It was awesome and it was my first investigator baptized! ... I know her Mom, even though she can't be baptized, wants her daughter to go forth in the gospel! I have had a good time teaching them and I hope they progress onward. We also had 6 investigators show up to Church without us having to go get them or text them or anything!! We got to
watch General Conference and it was one of the most amazing things I have ever been able to experience! I wrote down 17 pages of notes in a actual sized notebook!! It was crazy how much you pay attention and get out of it if you surround yourself in the gospel at all times and look for the things that can improve your teaching and understanding! It has been a great week of joy, baptism, and understanding! Always keep your standards people! Just because the things around us are dropping their standards doesn't mean we drop our own.
Well I only had one bad thing happen... DON'T FREAK OUT it is something I have had forever... A BAD BACK!! Everything is short here so my tendency to slouch happens a lot... and I had a day where me and Elder Mu were down because of back problems... (worst day of my life)... We are thinking of setting up an appointment to get care for our backs... there isn't a day that goes by without pain... I just ask for strength and I hope you will pray for me... I might have to get money out soon if I do get an appointment... I will try and avoid that I hate wasting money... I will be strong promise...
Don't worry about me I seriously am doing perfectly fine! I just have a little aching back... I don't have very bad homesickness so Dad don't worry about me and you don't have to post on Facebook and tell other parents... Sister Polatis told me her mom said something about me... I am fine I am strong and I have grown in the culture faster then most usually do!!

I am grateful for all the concern I really am!! I have grown so much in the past few months here! I have had moments where I miss home, but all in all I love it here! Transfers are this next week! We are hearing the mission will be split and that probably will happen when Elder Neil L. Andersen come next month! So I might be in a new Mission soon!!

We went house hunting this week because there is so many new missionaries! We might get moved into this extremely nice apartment!! Pray for that will yah ;)

Boys, I haven't eaten dog, I love the meet here though it is so good!!! I Have played basket and I suck... My body is for endurance not speed... I have baptized 3 people I believe, 1 being my own investigator. And we pick people up all the time because they are not quiet active to go to church....

Well that is my story I love you all I miss you and hope you send me more pictures!! I LOVE THE PICTURES!! Brody your a stud ;) Brig-ham I love you bud! I pray for you Mom I know you will do great on your test! I believe you can do anything!! Dad focus on what needs to get done. Don't worry about others just get 'er done!! I promise the Lord will provide if you take what he has given you and make the best of it! I know it is hard, so is everyday here... I love you don't give up!!

 Elder Minson

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Really we had one of the worst and most random and fast storms I have seen. We were walking in the sun and 5 minutes later just like turning on a

sink... It rained so bad they had to evacuate a ton of people last night. We asked if we could help but they said no. You know that river I crossed? Yeah that was filled and flooding!! It seriously would have been more then 23 feet deep at least!! It is crazy we might go over there today and help people fix houses and build bridges again to get across.


Dear Everyone who reads this, family, friends, stalkers, ect.

I love you all!! Well maybe not you stalkers but yeah... So this week has been crazy! Our teachings sucked because I had to go on exchanges, Go to Bacolod twice for meetings, and it rained!! Weirdly enough we had 5 investigators show up to church!! I love the people here. I have just decided they are the nicest most caring people ever!! I am going to be so sad when I leave this area... This is my home in the Philippines the City and People of La Carlota hold a great place in my heart!

This week Sister Leny O. had her baptismal interview! It went well and we will be baptizing her this saturday!! I am super excited! We have taught her everything and I just hope she stays with it. Pray for her mom Lani O...

We have 4 investigators who can be baptized on the 26th of October right now... Sadly that is right after transfers... One of us will be gone! Transfers are on the 23rd I believe... That is how it goes in the mission though. This will be a trial when that happens.

Me and Elder Crosland are like brothers. He is a great Elder and I hold such great respect for him and all he is as an Elder. I hope to become as great as him one day. I am excited for a new companion to see if I can make more friendships like this in the mission. I kind of want a Filipino companion so I can grow in the language.

The language is hard and definitely a struggle for me. I have been able to communicate with most people now. Sadly teaching is still a bit of a struggle. I can only skim the surface of most topics. Elder Crosland has shown me how to teach with simplicity that most can learn from. I can't wait to grow even greater.

I am so thankful for everyone who has kept in contact. It is crazy out here and there is always a lot going on. It is nice to know that things are running smooth in my home. Speaking of which I here things are going crazy in America! Is there government parks getting closed down, huge expenses, ect? Keep me updated on stuff like that as well, sports, government, ect. I want to know how my true country is doing. Send pictures!! I love all the ones you have been. Send me some of the house, my car(if we still have it), my 3d graphic work, ect. I only get to see it once but it is nice to see!!

I love you all so much. I have learned to love the Philippines and it has grown on me. Homesickness isn't nearly as bad. I saw my batch this week, and all the foreign missionaries at Bacolod. It mad me realize how much I love the people here and how nice they are.

I have eaten many different foods. Nothing to bad. I love Piayas(I think that is how you spell it. It is a peace of tinapay (bread) with chocolate in it and it is always freshly cooked. Look them up they are delicious!!

Yet again love you. I will be seeing general conference this weekend so I will talk about that next week. I love you and will see you soon!! Because time is just flying here!! Next week will be filled with stories of baptisms and other such great things!!


Elder Minson

This is my zone and the big guy on the left. Yeah we are super close!!
His name is Elder Mu... Guess what? He is only 9 days older then me!!
HaHa love that man. He lives in Australia!!

These are some scary things in the philippines besides spiders..
trust me one bus ride and you get sick...