Sunday, November 24, 2013

Exchanges with Elder Shields!!

After typing an email it deleted itself so Brock had re-write the letter so Here it is....
Dear Family/Friends/Aquentences/Stalkers/ect,

So pretty much that was the most annoying thing that that last one got deleted. Well here it goes again. 
So this week has been very odd and strange. We now have 2 companionships in our apartment. They are both Penoy but they are really cool. We had a baptism, Eddie is the greatest young man I have ever met. He is really faithful and has improved a ton since we started to teach him. He was left by his parents as a very young boy. He lived with neighbors and worked in the sugar cane fields, which is the worst and most hard working job in all the Philippines. We are so thankful for the Sano Family. They took this boy who had nothing in and now we are teaching him to write, read, and study. He says he wants to be a missionary so we are going to help him as best we can.
So this week I went on exchanges with an Elder fresh from the Tacloban Mission. Elder Shields is now our zone leader. He is really a good elder... He likes to teach very sincere lessons. They are usually about 30 minutes to an hour depending on the topic. I taught one of my best lessons with him. I felt the spirit so strongly! I realize that the spirit is key. 
I am excited for transfers. I have been praying for a direct goal that I need your help with... I know that if that happens, every week a we will have a baptism to a FULLY  converted person... I know this ward will thrive if we can work hard. SO please pray to help me be ready to train and for me to receive a trainee!

Well I love you tell everyone thanks for the emails. I wouldn't mind some written ones myself ;) I love you keep strong I am here praying for you. I love you all keep strong!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Spam in the Philippines!!!

Dear Pamilya,
Man what a crazy adventure of a week it has been. So this last Tuesday, as you already kinda know, we had a presidents training! It was awesome he talked about Tacloban, and then he really talked about obedience. It was through our missions obedience and serves to the Lord. We are the #1 baptizing mission in the Philippines I believe. I am very grateful for  President and his awesome serves to us. ... I wish I could tell you stories of my amazing adventures, but honestly there is nothing to extreme this week. 
We were able to get Edy in for an interview and he passed! He will be getting baptized on Saturday or Sunday not sure which day yet. I have seen so much improvement out of this young man it is amazing!! I hope he stays strong. 
Well this week has been shakey. I admit I really really miss yall!! I have gotten a little discouraged about the langauge but I am getting better, just so slowly... It doesn't help having an Elder so sagad(fluent) at the language. I am trying to use him to my advantage but it is hard cause it almost seems like I am bugging him... even though I know I am not... I just need to keep going. 
Alright let me answer those questions:

1. The mission president sent a message to parents about talking to missionaries on Christmas. Will we be able to skype from where you are currently at? We need to get these details figured out so we don't have any problems. I am pretty sure mom wouldn't survive another hick-up like we had at the air port. Only about 6 more letters before Christmas.
Alright so this next month is Christmas. We can Skype it is what is preferred! I have a very good computer shop in this area and we should be able to have a very good conversation. Trust me it is crazy to think by then 1/4 of the way done already.

2. Did you get your package yet? The president sent guidelines of what we should and shouldn't send, I think we did good but want to make sure you didn't catch any grief over it.
Nope no package... When did you send it?

3. You have taken a lot of Pictures and we are concerned that we get all of them secured off your SD cards and onto something that cant get lost or washed away in a typhoon. Can you buy SD cards for your Camera there? Can you have a member upload what you have taken so far and send them to us? I dont know if they use drop box or media fire there but it would be good to get those home
So I bought myself an USB to transfer photos, I am sending all I have. I don't get as many opportunities for pics with this companion as I did my last. So I am trying my best. Did you send that really big usb I asked for in the package?
4.What are the names of the other missionaries in your District/Zone?
We are the only Elders, the others are Sister Peacock (from my batch), Sister Shakespear, Sister Cruz, Sister Ocquias, Sister Siervo. The last 3 are pinay so I migh thave spelt their names wrong. 
5. Is the Power back on? How long were you with out it?
Yes after the presidents training we came back home and it was on. So 5 days long.
6. Have the missionaries from Tacloban arrived in the mission yet?
Yes this morning I guess. HAHA I know 2 of them from the MTC both tongan. We havn't seen them yet. we are expecting emergancy transfers this week for them.

So these first couple are my breakfast. Can't go wrong with Spam and my favorite crackers with peanut butter!
Secondly this is a car we passed on the way to the internet cafe! HAHA there is a lot of random stuff here but this takes the cake for this week! This looks like a Volkswagen from WW2 and it is covered with Nazi Germany signs and yes even a picture with Hitler on the side! I thought it was Humorous and could not help but send it. Some of the people just take what they see in America and make it. Especially the bad stuff. There are bands that have them flipping people off on the cover so the kids sometimes do it by accidental on puposeness. HAHA we just deal with it!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Preparing for what's to come. Specialized Training

Brock made it to a specialized training meeting yesterday. I think the President explained the meeting as training designed to better prepare the missionaries in hastening the work and preparing for the incoming tropics storm/typhoon that should be ont hier doorsteps soon. I have seen comments on the newspaper boards almost condemming church leadership for not better preparing the missionaries for catastrophic events like what happened in Tacloban. President Lopez must be ahead of the the curve in learning from the past and preparing for what misght never come. He is making sure his missionaries are safe and prepared to face the challenges ahead. We love President Lopez and his love for the missionaries. Here are a few pics from the conference.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

His Terrifying Experience!!! NOT.

He Gets this one from his Dad
Dear fam-o-lee,

Phew, whats with all this worry and freaking out this week? I don't know about y'all but I am fine. We only had a bit of a wind and rain storm. I saw worse back home when all those fences were knocked down in Layton... We just havn't had power for like 4 days... And probably another week because our neighborhood is the only place where a electric post was knocked down... I am good though.

The Typhoon was boring for us... We sat there and studied, slept, studied, ate, slept... Nothing else... I am worried about the Tacloban Missionaries. That is where Elder Lloyd from the MTC is so try finding out if he is okay will yah?

So I found out my zone is the biggest in the mission! About 30 missionaries total!! CRAZY HUH? It is almost 3 times more then my last zone! I love it here... well kind of the area is very difficult and very few are progressing... I am trying to remain
He gets this one from his Mom
diligent. I kind of am excited for next transfers because my companion wants me to train.

This week has been boring... I hate being stuck inside. I hate not doing things... UGH!! I helped the Sano family fix a fence and cut trees both at the Balintay's and Sano's I also pumped water from a well for the Balintay. Good work out I say!  I love working!!

For the past couple days I have been living off of gram crackers and warm water HAHA!! We had no food after the typhoon!! So I might have to use some of my personal money today... Sorry!!

Well I love you all I am safe. The people are safe here. God is looking out for us! Dad please send that persons address to us that is in our ward. I will figure out where they live! It is hard to know addresses here. It is only baranagies. I will have Sam explain that to you sense you are pen pals.

I love you all thanks for the pics I love them!! Love yall!!
Elder Minson