Sunday, April 13, 2014

Week #36 Philippines Cadiz 2nd Branch Cadiz Zone

Dear White People I am in Relations With, ;)

Helllooooo Family!! :) Well this week has been one of magnitude in amazingness! Well sort of... My companion got sick on Tuesday and it kind of took us a while to get going again! This week will be much better! I loved this week do to the fact that I am getting comfortable with myself as a teacher. I am still not perfect, I suck at the language... but I will get there one day. I can still communicate just fine. It may not be perfect but it is simple, which according to Richard G. Scott, that is how we need to teach! The amazing thing is I understand the language, when people talk to me I know exactly what they are saying even though I have not studied some of the words they use I understand. I read about the Gifts of the Spirit and I realize that I don't have the Gift of Tongues, but the Gift of Interpretation. I sometimes understand questions or concerns faster then the Filipinos do! And then I am able to answer them with what they need! I am not glorifying myself, but I really feel Heavenly Father has helped me with this. He knows I am not great at learning the language, but he knows that I can read people really well, so he is making my weaknesses strong in them (Ether 12:27) and allows me to understand and help people through a different means. 

Well I have been getting a lot of questions about my companion so I will answer them. He is Elder Babida, he is the oldest in his family with 2 little sisters. He is really good at English because they study it here in the Philippines, it just depends on the person if they keep trying to learn it or drop it after the classes. He is from Manilla so he also has better schooling and is not as poor as the people here are. He is pretty much me, but Filipino. He plays video games, likes sports, likes music, and is just awesome! ;) 

Well this week we had a baptismal interview for one of our candidates and he will be baptized on Saturday by ME!! I am super excited it has been along time sense I have had a personal baptism! I hope this continues, we should be getting weekly baptisms by next month if we work hard enough! 

Well General Conference was just amazing. One of my favorite talks was by Elder Richard G. Scott! He really was amazing at addressing the needs for families, which could easily be applied to mission work! I also loved many of the other talks given. Jeffery R. Holland is still just a fire ball of a speaker and he really puts the hammer down when it comes to our duties as members, missionaries, and priesthood holders! I really also loved Elder Oaks talk in priesthood session! It gave me something to share with women about how they are so important as well for us priesthood holders! They are the support and the strength behind us honestly! :) There was just so much expressed about family and our duties as families it really gets me excited for the future! Haha! But I still have a while so I won't worry to much just yet! ;)

Well I love you all please send me questions, concerns and other things if you have them! Love you so much please keep strong! :) 

Elder Minson


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Week# 35 Philippines Cadiz 2nd Branch Cadiz Stake

Dear most Amazing People Ever,

Alright so this week was extremely tiring, but amazing at the same time! We have to walk a lot in this area so it is a pretty good work out and I probably have lost plenty of weight this week! I might buy a scale later to find out! 
Well this key board is a pain in the butt so I will try and type as fast as I can but the Shift key is busted!! So bear with me alright?! 
So there is a couple people I want to talk about. First is about the B Family. they are
the referral family. we have a ton of investigators from them and they are super strong. they are older like in their 60s. they work in the sugar cane fields which is a really rough and poor life. but that does not bring this family down at all. we went out there to teach and they told me as they we were leaving that they have no plety(money for a ride), they said they might not be able to make it to church. Well the next day we woke up fasting and praying for people to be at church and the first people we see as we arrive is the B family! these people probably sacrificed their food but they went to church. He stood up in our gospel principle class and bore a great testimony about faith(our subject that i had to teach)
and how no matter what happens the lord provides! they truly are amazing.
Next is the V family. this is our branch president and his family. Sister M (his wife), Sister S, and E!! they are the cutest family ever and are a great fellow shipping family. we go over there every other day and they help us get trikes to get to places that are far and they usually give us some snacks in the hot times of the day! It really is great having them here! they are
kind of the S family of this area for me! 
Next is our best investigators thus far. Sister AM and Brother R. Now this family is really amazing. Sister was being taught in a different area before and was going to be baptized in march. she had to move to do her brother kicking her out. so now she lives with her husband here in cadiz... well kind of they live in a house forever away and it takes like 40 minutes to get there from the city. brother had not been taught yet
and he is baptist. Well we were able to teach them and committed them to be baptized on April 26th! they excepted. we then visited them one more time on Saturday to follow up on going to church. this time president V joined us and he was amazing to fellow ship them! He even bought this piece for his trike from them (i don't think he needed it but it gave them the plety they needed for Sunday). then on Sunday they were there! Brother even gave his 2 cents on the subject and was very actively paying attention and agreeing with what i was teaching. they are strong investigators and will be
baptized on April 26th for sure! 
Next is a really cool story and a miracle for us. So last Sunday we visited this house and only the father and youngest 2 children were there they were related to members in the church. the older 2 children weren't home but they are also members but have been less active family. well we taught brother s (the dad) and they were a bit hesitant at first. the mom was not home and he told us that they use to investigate the church but a missionary did something that offended sister mv (the mother) and the missionaries have not been let in sense, like they tried like 2 weeks before and no success. well we came back Tuesday to visit them and it was perfect timing the whole family was there (which is rare) and sister was really hesitant at first but we were persistent and happy and positive! SHE LET US IN!! We talked for a bit and she told us about her experience and why she was offended. well we addressed the concern and told her that Jesus forgives all and we need to as well, she tried fighting but then gave up. she then allowed her daughters to go back to church. One of them, sister sm wanted to go on a mission so now it is our goal to make that come to life for her! IT is so amazing how the lord provides for us. We were the first missionaries to visit in a long time and we have visited 2 sense then and they are slowly getting it. we think we can get sister mv back into the church but it will just take a bit of time! 
Well this week has been filled with great experiences and great times! I love you and miss you all! Please send me some questions! all of you, boys, dad, mom, other family, friends! I would love to answer them! Love you all! :)

Elder Minson

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Week# 34 Philippines Cadiz 2nd Branch Cadiz Stake

Dear amazing people that I LOVE,

Alrighty then I guess it is time for the big unveiling of where I am located and this specific time! (I did that intro in a western cowboy accent and probably will do the same for the rest of this letter because it is entertaining!) 
I am in Cadiz! I am in the very north area of this island! I think Sagay is the only other one that is more north then us! We are in the middle of the Bukid (mountainous jungle area), well at least our area is our apartment is in Cadiz city and it is awesome here! 

Those pictures I sent before are from the main highway! I haven't really got the chance to go to deep in our area. As you will see on the map I have sent you our area is GINORMOUSLY GIGANTICALLY HUGELY DINOSAUROUSLY HUMONGOUS! Like we will have to visit a different area every day! Every week we will be lucky to cover the whole thing 1 and a half times! I went from Tangub where I could walk it 15 times in one day with teachings, to Cadiz where we tried walking from our church to the farthest area we have and after 2 and halfish hours we almost crossed our area length wise only! We will be having to take those big Ceres buses just to get to most of our area! I will admit it will be rough! We also have to start proselyting in the mornings and study at night do to the fact our area is huge and could be potentially dangerous and an extremely far walk if we don't get to the highway early enough to grab a bus back to the city! I LOVE IT HERE!!  I love the bukid! I am having to get more healthy!

Oh and to let you know we are splitting this area so that means this area has not been touched by anyone else Elder Babida (my companion) and I are starting this area pretty much from scratch! The Sisters were not allowed to go to the very far areas do to it being really dangerous for sisters, but for elders it is perfectly safe! So yeah we are really finding people in the jungle to teach and get to come to church!! WOOHOO!!
I will admit leaving Tangub was unexpected. We transferred to the  Cebuano areas to the Cebu mission. So a lot of people are splitting areas like us now. We were called at 10am Friday morning and was expected to be out of the apartments to the mission home by 2 pm!! We then were put on a Ceres (Bus) with our new companion and luggage to go to our new areas!! I am now in an apartment with Elder Carver! Woohoo! It is nice to see him and talk about home! 

Even cooler then that is my companion, Elder Babida, is one of the most americanized Filipinos I have met. He speaks english perfectly, he likes computers, sports, and music! He just rocks and is just as pumped up as I am to get this area and turn this Branch into a Ward! We are all pumped up and ready to get going! 

So yeah it is really sad I left Sister Hazel and all those families I was teaching by her... I got a really nice text from them when I said I was transferring saying (in illongo) how they are sad I am leaving, but are so grateful for teaching them and that I was always happy! I really love that! That is my goal for this area, is to be the Happy person! Mom, I have been called bubbly because of this HAHA! I thought that was funny! 

Well this one is kind of a long letter. To answer your questions 

Will I have electricity? 
Yes we always will!  
Will we have good running water?  
The water is way cleaner here then in Tangub and powerful!
 Will he have to do his own laundry?  
Sadly yes... I did it this morning! 
Do you have all the amenities you had in Bocolod.
We have a great store grocery wise! We will have to do some searching today to see if there is any of the other nice things around here.  

alright also do to the fact we are starting a new area we have like no food or anything at the house. I withdrew Friday to get us by for the past 3 days but we don't get extra support tell tomorrow and we have like no money! I am sorry to ask but I need to withdraw more money today from my account to get us by! Is that okay? I am sorry I have to ask but this whole situation is kind of sucky... We have no money at all!

I am alive and happy! I am trudging onward! I love you I am keeping my shoes on! Keep yours on as well! Keep smiling and being the amazing people that you are!! 
Elder Minson

Thursday, March 27, 2014

One year ago today he got his call!

One year ago today Brock Received his mission Call.

That was then

This is Now
My how he has grown.

9 Months Down - 15 Months to go. Imagine who he will be when he returns...

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Week # 33 Philippines Tangub Ward Bacolod South Zone

Dear amazing Family of Mine,

I have had a pretty good week this week. Not really in teachings. We have been walking in circles with and been punted a ton this week! BUT, there was great training this week! It was great boost for me! I am excited because soon we will get new area books that we are pretty much filling with new teaching records of only those that we are teaching now and throwing out everything else that is use less! I feel like that will give some more motivation to work harder and try finding more investigators! IT gives us a great new feeling of completely being in charge now! 

President gave a great training! I and this week was very rough when it came to teachings. It rained pretty hard yesterday and when it does that, no one comes to church at all! We had a lot less at church. H. didn't come but that is okay she is still scheduled to baptized on the 6th of April. She stopped coffee now so we just have to give her that little bit of extra time, represented process and all! That all being said, I felt bad because there is this goal in this mission and we are just not getting it! I will keep pressing on and hopefully good things happen soon. 

Well we tried getting a hold of Brother E. wife all week and we finally did on Friday and she was very willing for us to come back and teach! We were quiet excited for that. They live in this house that is pretty ... small. You can't stand in it and it is no bigger then the laundry room... I am just so shocked how people can be so poor but they keep going on! I love that about the Filipino people! 

Well we did have a lunch appointment yesterday at the Balintays. It was with the Sano family, Montero Family, Balintay Family, and some friends of Elder D's in his last area! I knew them because it was in La Carlota Zone. It was nice to see them! 

Well I really have nothing much.

Family (and friends), I just want you all to know that I know this church is true. I know as we continue onward and do what is right, always keep Jesus Christ in our minds we will be able to receive those blessings that we need. I know the Book of Mormon is true and I know Joseph Smith was called as a prophet of God! I miss you all and I love you! Please let me know if there is anything I can do!

Elder Minson