Wednesday, March 27, 2013

He finally got his call!!!

Tonight at 6:30pm surrounded by dozens of friends and family members Brock opened his mission call. The feeling was amazing and his reaction priceless. He will be serving in the Bacolod, Philippines Mission and will report to the MTC on June 19, 2013 (Reading of  the call to the right.)

A friend of mine, came to his announcement. He is not a member of the church but he has lived in Utah since he was in Jr. High. He had never been invited to anything like this. He commented how interesting it was to watch all of Brock's friends. He said he wouldn't expect the kids of his congregation to have so much excitement, interest and enthusiasm for something like this. He said he was very impressed.


As I looked around and I was so impressed with what I saw. His friends are truly a source of support and inspiration in his life and Tonya and I are so grateful for each you. It does a parents heart good to see their child surrounded by people who love him even when they are not obligated. (That being said he will be expecting letters from you through out his mission.)

Today, as we sat talking at lunch time, I asked Brock if there was anywhere he didn't want to go where would it be. He said it really didn't matter but that he didn't want to go anywhere there would be Big Spiders. So when he announced where he was going you can imagine the laughter.

I gotta hand it to Brock, ever since he was in primary, he has always talked about wanting to go on a mission. He has never wavered.When the mission age changed, Tonya told him that we would move our family trip to early Summer so he could go. Brock very frankly said "Save the money for my mission, I am ready to go now I don't want to wait." It is with that faith and Testimony that he begins his Mission.

He will be reporting to the MTC on June 19, 2013. God bless this son of mine.

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