Sunday, August 11, 2013

Week #7 - Little Home Sick but loving the work!!

Dear Family,
I love hearing from you all. I have had some crazy experiences already. This week was really hard though. I am extremely homesick and I will admit it right here right now. I have been striving to stay happy though. One day I woke up and I was down in the dumps bad. I asked for help from our Father in Heaven. Half way through the day it just poured rain like crazy. We were stuck in the market and so we went looking around. You know how I am addicted to shoes? Well hasn't changed much. I found some of those $70 shoes back home for 545 pesos, so pretty much $13. CRAZY HUH? Well anyway doing that made me realize i am not in the middle of no where and there are things around here that are just like home. Later we got stuck in our apartment by the rain and I was able to relax and it has helped me a ton. 
Some of the pictures I am sending you are of the rain. It is crazy how much it rains when it does. It is also weird because one second it is raining like a hurricane and you can hear anything from all the tin roofs, to perfectly sunny and hot. The weather isn't that bad, I have gotten really hot and been really cold. So like Utah but more eradicate and happens all within 10 minutes. I have had to buy rubber shoes already because we have an area called he Frammar (a picture with me standing next to a bridge with Elder Crosland) and it is just small huts in the middle of sugar cane fields filled with mud.
 So the kids are crazy here they call me Mr. Bean... No clue why they do, but I love them for it. They play with spiders hear like they are toys too!! I hate it... I am trying to overcome my fear but it is not happening. So many spiders... UGH!! oh well though. Our apartment is nice we have a showerhead that sometimes works (still cold water) and i usually have to use a pail and laddel. It is crazy and different but I am not doing bad there. The food is great! I have had very little though. BBQed banana's are great and I have had all different types of bread which is just amazing. 
Oh I need to pull some money from my account. We are almost out of money and have 5 days tell we get more.Plus this area has some of the cheapest stuff my comp has ever seen and it is really cool. I love him he is such a great elder. He teaches by example and not by telling. He puts me in some pretty hard spots but I usually can talk my way  through it in Illonglish (English mixed in). 
I have had some great lessons though. Sister Angel Laos was an amazing one. She is a Sister who is 8 months pregnant and the man she was about to marry died a month ago. IT is sad to see her struggle. I pulled out my many amazing
So I guess it is time to wash his clothes
It is the same look we got at home.
pictures of Christ and told her through the Atonement and Christ's struggles he knows how she feels. And I bore testimony that he is there to comfort her in all things and able to be there. She is amazing and I hope to baptize her. She will be a great asset for us in the church. I have been struggling, but as my companion and many have said, lose yourself in the work and time starts to fly and you will love where you are. 
I am strong and I am so greatful for this gospel. I am thankful for all the great influences in my life and all the people who have supported me. I am trying to keep my shoes on tight and ready to go. I am taking my steps one after the other onward ever onward as we glory in his name. I love you and am thankful for all you have given me. I am so excited to get home which makes working harder even more sweet. I will see you all soon.
Elder Minson

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