Sunday, November 24, 2013

Exchanges with Elder Shields!!

After typing an email it deleted itself so Brock had re-write the letter so Here it is....
Dear Family/Friends/Aquentences/Stalkers/ect,

So pretty much that was the most annoying thing that that last one got deleted. Well here it goes again. 
So this week has been very odd and strange. We now have 2 companionships in our apartment. They are both Penoy but they are really cool. We had a baptism, Eddie is the greatest young man I have ever met. He is really faithful and has improved a ton since we started to teach him. He was left by his parents as a very young boy. He lived with neighbors and worked in the sugar cane fields, which is the worst and most hard working job in all the Philippines. We are so thankful for the Sano Family. They took this boy who had nothing in and now we are teaching him to write, read, and study. He says he wants to be a missionary so we are going to help him as best we can.
So this week I went on exchanges with an Elder fresh from the Tacloban Mission. Elder Shields is now our zone leader. He is really a good elder... He likes to teach very sincere lessons. They are usually about 30 minutes to an hour depending on the topic. I taught one of my best lessons with him. I felt the spirit so strongly! I realize that the spirit is key. 
I am excited for transfers. I have been praying for a direct goal that I need your help with... I know that if that happens, every week a we will have a baptism to a FULLY  converted person... I know this ward will thrive if we can work hard. SO please pray to help me be ready to train and for me to receive a trainee!

Well I love you tell everyone thanks for the emails. I wouldn't mind some written ones myself ;) I love you keep strong I am here praying for you. I love you all keep strong!

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