Sunday, November 10, 2013

His Terrifying Experience!!! NOT.

He Gets this one from his Dad
Dear fam-o-lee,

Phew, whats with all this worry and freaking out this week? I don't know about y'all but I am fine. We only had a bit of a wind and rain storm. I saw worse back home when all those fences were knocked down in Layton... We just havn't had power for like 4 days... And probably another week because our neighborhood is the only place where a electric post was knocked down... I am good though.

The Typhoon was boring for us... We sat there and studied, slept, studied, ate, slept... Nothing else... I am worried about the Tacloban Missionaries. That is where Elder Lloyd from the MTC is so try finding out if he is okay will yah?

So I found out my zone is the biggest in the mission! About 30 missionaries total!! CRAZY HUH? It is almost 3 times more then my last zone! I love it here... well kind of the area is very difficult and very few are progressing... I am trying to remain
He gets this one from his Mom
diligent. I kind of am excited for next transfers because my companion wants me to train.

This week has been boring... I hate being stuck inside. I hate not doing things... UGH!! I helped the Sano family fix a fence and cut trees both at the Balintay's and Sano's I also pumped water from a well for the Balintay. Good work out I say!  I love working!!

For the past couple days I have been living off of gram crackers and warm water HAHA!! We had no food after the typhoon!! So I might have to use some of my personal money today... Sorry!!

Well I love you all I am safe. The people are safe here. God is looking out for us! Dad please send that persons address to us that is in our ward. I will figure out where they live! It is hard to know addresses here. It is only baranagies. I will have Sam explain that to you sense you are pen pals.

I love you all thanks for the pics I love them!! Love yall!!
Elder Minson

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