Sunday, January 19, 2014

A P-Day Birthday!!! Awesome!!!

Dear crazy people who for some reason love me,   ;)

    HOW Y'ALL DOING!?! I am doing just fine, I feel no older... okay maybe a little... but not really! Thank you all for all the great birthday wishes and photos and other nice things of happiness in the short life of this here Elder! I am glad to have all of you in my life! Family I love you so much and I miss you! I am keeping strong and trying to keep that smile on!
     So last week we had Transfers! I feel so much better now! I miss Elder Mata'utia, we got along really well as friends and we never really had fights, but now it is time to work. I am with Elder Dalumpines. He is a Filipino, and is a freakin amazing cook! I am so happy, we work well together and haven't had any problems. It is taking some getting use to, to understand his teaching style, but it is nothing major! We have already started to find more investigators, our schedule is actually a schedule and not randomly going to our investigators when we feel like it, we are working with members a lot more and are finding success with our relationships with the members. I am super excited to continue and hopefully get a few baptisms in!
     So this last week was really actually normal besides some new investigators, new companion, and harder work. The language is coming, I will admit I can teach and speak, but I am not nearly perfect. The great thing about having a Filipino companion, besides everything, is that the language is just natural to my ear now. Elder Zobell has been in the mission a lot longer then I have, but has been with a lot of Americans, and he sometimes doesn't understand the language and I do!! CRAZY! I think it is just amazing how the Lord works in mysterious ways.
      SO people to pray for this week: Sister H- that she might find a desire to go to church, Sister M- That she will go to church as well, Sister R and Brother O- That they might feel better and have courage that there baby will be fine... at church! ... We are getting members to help and things to happen, but it is coming slowly. The Lord has his time schedule and he will help if called upon! 

     So today we are going to a place called 888, it is pretty much a giant market with some awesome deals on things. Though not really anything is truly real, they are good fakes and they are cheap. Elder Zobell said that last time he went he got a pair of Marrells cross training shoes for 900 pesos, or 25 bucks... I am going to see if I can get some Adidas Basketball shoes! I am actually getting good at basketball! We will play later on with the zone like we usually do! We then have a family home evening at a members house with the Sano and Balintay families... I will have pictures next week. 

     Well I don't have much to say. How is home? A member was telling me about a Polar Vortex near New York? Is the world freezing over? It has been a little COLD here too! Which is crazy! Every body is kind of panicking haha! It is suppose to be hot season! It rains almost everyday just a little bit. We have a ton of Low Pressure here right now. They say there might be another Typhoon in June. We will see.
     Well I am sorry if I missed other questions send me if I did! I love you keep strong be happy and smile on!

Elder Minson

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