Sunday, March 23, 2014

Week # 33 Philippines Tangub Ward Bacolod South Zone

Dear amazing Family of Mine,

I have had a pretty good week this week. Not really in teachings. We have been walking in circles with and been punted a ton this week! BUT, there was great training this week! It was great boost for me! I am excited because soon we will get new area books that we are pretty much filling with new teaching records of only those that we are teaching now and throwing out everything else that is use less! I feel like that will give some more motivation to work harder and try finding more investigators! IT gives us a great new feeling of completely being in charge now! 

President gave a great training! I and this week was very rough when it came to teachings. It rained pretty hard yesterday and when it does that, no one comes to church at all! We had a lot less at church. H. didn't come but that is okay she is still scheduled to baptized on the 6th of April. She stopped coffee now so we just have to give her that little bit of extra time, represented process and all! That all being said, I felt bad because there is this goal in this mission and we are just not getting it! I will keep pressing on and hopefully good things happen soon. 

Well we tried getting a hold of Brother E. wife all week and we finally did on Friday and she was very willing for us to come back and teach! We were quiet excited for that. They live in this house that is pretty ... small. You can't stand in it and it is no bigger then the laundry room... I am just so shocked how people can be so poor but they keep going on! I love that about the Filipino people! 

Well we did have a lunch appointment yesterday at the Balintays. It was with the Sano family, Montero Family, Balintay Family, and some friends of Elder D's in his last area! I knew them because it was in La Carlota Zone. It was nice to see them! 

Well I really have nothing much.

Family (and friends), I just want you all to know that I know this church is true. I know as we continue onward and do what is right, always keep Jesus Christ in our minds we will be able to receive those blessings that we need. I know the Book of Mormon is true and I know Joseph Smith was called as a prophet of God! I miss you all and I love you! Please let me know if there is anything I can do!

Elder Minson

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