Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Coming to the Lord's House.

Brock Minson at the Bountiful Temple - 6-11-2012
Tom Nielsen (Grandpa) Tonya Minson, Brock Minson, Randy Minson

Today, Brock finally made it to the temple. He had to graduate High School before they would issue him a temple recommend. Friday night he graduated and Sunday he spoke in sacrament meeting for his farewell talk. Later was interviewed by the Stake president and today... He finally made his way to the temple. What a fantastic day.

When we arrived at the temple, he was taken to the offices and had his personal information reviewed for accuracy. While there, Bountiful Temple Recorder Quinton Johnson said he would try and make the day a little more memorable for Brock. As we were sitting in the office, 6 men entered the room each a newly called member of the quorum of the seventy. Two from the first quorum and 4 from the second quorum. Terence M. Vinson, Arnulfo Valenzuela, Adrian Ochoa, Randy D. Funk, Timothy J Dyches and Edward Dube.

The spirit was strong as they shock our hands and congratulated Brock on making it to the temple and preparing to serve a mission. One of the general authorities asked when he will be entering the MTC. When Brock told him June 19th he said good we will see you there. They told us they would be there at the same time to get their training. That should give Brock something to look forward to (as if he is in need of something to look forward to)

The Temple President, Robert Garff later instructed Brock and a couple other missionaries about the sacred nature of the temple and three of these Brethren sat in that meeting as well.

It was a fantastic day to be in the temple. It was amazing to see Brock there learning and trying to absorb all that was happening. As a dad, I can tell you this young missionary is ready to take on the world and I am convinced he will overcome the challenges before him and he will be an outstanding missionary.

It's a good day.