Sunday, June 9, 2013

Time to Talk

Brock gave his farewell talk today in the West Point 12th Ward. He had so many friends and family come to hear him speak. Tonya and I are so appreciative of each and everyone who came to wish him well. He has fantastic friends who are a tight-knit group, who support and lift each other, who have been such a good influence in Brock's life, Thanks guys.

Brock did a great Job talking on how he personal prepared to serve a mission narrowing it down to three things: Scripture Study, Prayer and attending church. Simple concepts that will strengthen even the weakest of testimonies.

Following Sacrament meeting we gathered with our friends to say good bye. We are so thankful to all those who wrote notes of encouragement and advice to Brock. He will get alot of mileage of some like "Don't a Cat" or "Eat a cat, I hate Cats". I particularly liked "Just because it is cooked doesn't mean you should eat it"

Great day for the Minson family!