Thursday, June 27, 2013

WK #1 - First P-day!!

June 27, 2013

Dear Everyone,

Thanks so much for everything you have given to me, all the letters and the packages have been super amazing. The support is super nice and I need it. This first week has been really good. I have had ups and downs with the language and teaching. I was struggling because of things like freezing in the middle of a lesson I was teaching and forgetting what I needed to say. I look back on it now though and realize I would not have been able to accomplish even that much about 2 weeks ago. Its not to difficult, the only thing that is hard is sentence structure. The language has no masculine or feminine way of speaking its simple. I can now bare my testimony and say prayers and ask questions like, "will you pray?" without any problems at all.

I had some issues with my companion earlier. It was stupid... he is a faithful missionary and is super obedient and keeps me on track (which also bugs me a bit:)) all on all though he keeps me moving on the path of righteousness. I'm usually so self sufficient that this is new and i am just getting use to it.

Our lessons have gone great we usually get her to commit to something such as praying or reading the BOM. This last time she accepted baptism!! It was our first investigator but it was pretty cool. 

Today is weird though I feel almost lazy. I study and eat, then clean and study. I just feel like I need to be going somewhere.

Might I ask if you would send me my Vikings blanket? The blankets here are terrible and I'm just not comfortable. I have never had such a great spirit though. The Elders in my area are fantastic!! I have met an elder who I am now super close with. His name is Elder Lloyde. He is a pro-gamer (which is awesome) he is going to Utah State and we are talking about hooking up to get an apartment together. It is nice having someone to talk to.

The food here is alright. I got sick yesterday and had to go draw blood to make sure it wasn't appendicitis. It wasn’t, I just got a bug that’s going all around the MTC. I am much better now, but I can't eat too much or I get bad stomach pains.

It takes like 2 days to get mail here and 2 days to get mail out so if it is taking awhile that is why. Please send me stephens address if you can I'd like to send him mail too.

Kabalo ako nga matoud ang ebanghelyo, kag Manluluwas si Jesukristo, kag propeta si Joseph Smith. Kabalo ako nga kilala kita ni Jesukristo, kag palangga kita sang dios. Sa ngalan ni Jesukristo Amen.
That was my testimony in Hiligaynon I love how it is spoken.

Its says:
I know that the gospel is true, and Jesus Christ is our savior, and Joseph smith is a prophet. I know that Jesus knows us, and God loves us. In the name of Jesus Christ amen.
Elder Minson
P.S. Palangga is Love/to love


Dear Pamilyo,
I had to hurry off last time because some others were waiting, but now i have a little more time. So, just got done doing laundry... Successful!! Be proud of me mother. So today has been super awesome it is so chill i love it. In a little bit we will be going to the temple and today one of our sisters is having her Endowments done. We have a lot more time with the sisters then you think. Everything we do we try doing as a district like gym time. Which, during gym time we have been playing sand volley ball and it is such a blast especially sense you dont take score. It is also fun because the sisters play as well as the elders.

I have found that being patient isn't a strength for me... haha you knew that!! I always want to go my own way, but i am not able to do that having a companion. That is my biggest trial right now.

That is so awesome that Brig's team is dominating. It's a Minson thing I guess ;) And Brody is gonna be such a great officer everyone just loves him and how happy he is all the time. Sorry about the mess in my room haha woops...

Please keep me in your prayers. I need all the help i can get. It is hard being on the go twenty-four seven. I just want to relax, but i know that will lead to lazyiness and that would be a bad idea. The sister missionaries are very supportive as well it might just be my charm ;) haha just kidding I dont have that!! Anyway I love it here even with all the trials. I know this is sad to say, but i have had very little home sickness, all the letters keep me happy and it is nice to know i have support.

Well, I've got to going soon. I love you guys and I will try sending pictures soon they don't work on this computer.

Elder Minson
Sentence to learn of the week:
a- ah
e- ae
i- ee
o- oh
u- oo
Amay namon sa langit...
(Dear Father...)
P.S. that is how you open a prayer with the family or other people.