Thursday, July 4, 2013

Week Two - Finally Got Pics!!!

July 4, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

I love all of you so much, I'm so sorry if I haven't been able to personally respond to you specifically. I try to be detailed but honestly there isn't very much to the MTC. I wake up at 6:15 and shower, get ready by 7, then we have personal study in our class tell 8:15, then its breakfast tell 8:45, then it is classroom study which consists of either Brother Speiser or Sister Tamang trying to talk to us in Illongo (which we have started to understand a little bit at a time) or we are teaching a progressing investigator, then we have lunch at 1:15, then language study from 1:45 to 2:45, then more classroom study/investigator, then planning at 5:45, dinner at 6:15, TALL/language study on the computer at 6:45, then gym at 8:10 tell 9:10, then journal/letters/talking time tell bed at 10:30.

Pretty much we have our whole day packed with no rest. Then we hit P-Day. We have been so relaxed all day talking about  bizarre things in the gospel such as the Plan of Salvation and what happens when we become our own gods of our worlds. It is just crazy how much you learn here. I have been reading in Alma and the past week has been war chapters. It is
the first time I have been able to stay fully awake during personal study at 7 in the morning. Your body gets so tired always being spiritually developed. I am so excited to leave here though. I know that sounds bad but the stories we hear here are crazy and I want to experience it myself.

So with our investigators we first had Sister Cherry Mae. (AKA Sister Tamang) Most of the Hiligaynon investigators will be previous teachers and maybe even brand new converts. We now have 2 investigators JB (AKA Brother Speiser) and Girlie (AKA Sister Tamang). It is going well but it is getting harder, they are starting to become more difficult and not as willing. I found it funny that we are teaching a sister named "Girlie" ;) Cyd and Heather will know about that. :) All these investigators are real people in the world and they are just impersonating them. I love them even if they are just my teachers. I care about them and love them.

Tell Brigham I'm proud of him and his baseball skills. I can't wait to be able to hear about football coming up it is going to be awesome. Please have them write me as well it is hard to know what they want me to talk about because there isn't much to do.

Tell Brody as well. I am so jealous you got to swim bro. And Me and Elder Lloyd are dying to play some video games. It is pretty awesome here.

Me and Elder Carver struggled for a bit. He is a debate kid and that is how we knew each other, but I didn't realize how much I hated trying to reason with them. And how much they question me and what I think. I talked to him about it though and we are good. We have learned a lot and my patience is slowly growing.

I absolutely love all the devotionals on Sundays and on Tuesdays. They are so directed to us I can't wait to get out to the field and use what i have learned here. It is just amazing to figure how a missionary should act. I am trying to be the best missionary I can be.

To answer some questions. Elder Lloyd professionally played League of Legends. Which I played as well so it's pretty cool. I also filled him in on all of E3 which was fun to hear his reactions. You will see him in some of my pictures he is like my older brother.

I am so grateful to be here. I love you all. Please keep in touch. I don't mind all the letters we have plenty of time to read them at night so please keep sending. Oh and mom my class loves you and they haven't met you. Those cookies were great. I will be sending a package back soon I just need to figure out what I don't need. And thank you for the blanket I sleep like a baby now.

I love the snacks we all share in our residencies it is awesome. Oh and expect my emails at this time.
Well here are the pics.

My shoes are still on make sure to keep yours on too. I love you


Elder Minson

Ok i found some more time to get on the computer... I realized that I had forgotten to acknowledge some things. I think that is just amazing about grandma and I am so glad to be a part of that. And yes we are seeing the fireworks tonight, but they are couping us up in the gym for a devotional to avoid listening to the concert... Ugh I miss my music but i guess I'll be ok...

Please send me a list of my friends addresses if you can, like stephens. I would like to send mail to these people. Ok well got to go I love you all, keep your shoes on.

Elder Minson