Thursday, July 18, 2013

Week #4 - One Month In.

Well this week has been the most insane week yet. I have had some really great ups and some really big downs. Thursday we had TRC, it is amazing to teach actual members. We got so lucky in teaching a sister from Bacolod!!! and we had some amazing experiances with here, like giving her 2 scriptures she just so happens to know and love and are a part of her conversion story (St. John 3:16 and Alma 37: 35-37) she was so moved. She also gave us tips like, WE WILL BE SPEAKING ENGLISH!! haha I knew that already though, but the language is coming along and I am starting to love it. It is still hard, but it is amazing.
I was extremely down on saturday though. I was just thinking of home and grandma and everything going on which was a bad idea to start with. Brother Alex Speiser pulled me aside (he is my teacher) and talked to me in this little room I told him (while crying a bit) what was going on with grandma and just how I am struggling. And what he told me was the most humbling thing I have ever heard... He went to the Iloilo mission just north of mine. When he got there he was having all sorts of problems with health such as asthma, intestinal infection, ect. He was on the verge of death when they shipped him back to the United States. He did not go home... He healed and served a faithful mission in Boise, Idaho. (still praying in illongo every night) I was sad by this but knew he was ok.

When he pulled me in the room he told me something else that no one else in the district knows... His brother died while he was on his mission. It was a shock I had no clue how to react but to cry. We gave each other a big hug and just cried for a minute. He then challenged me to hold a picture of Christ with me everywhere I go because he knows what I am going through. I now have 3 different pictures one given by Brother Speiser. If you can please look him up and thank him for all he has done, he has helped me through everything. I am keeping in touch with him as long as I can. He is married and his wife is expecting soon. He is going to BYU if that helps.

This whole week has been filled with things of the spirit.

My best friend Elder Lloyd has left... He is going to keep in touch and I have his email. We will be trying to room at Utah State together. We have met the new Elders and there is now 23 Elders speaking Cebuano from the 12 that left. It is just crazy.

Dad: Have you met with your MTC president? What is he like?
Yes, he is military and hard core strict which makes for a great Branch.
Dad: Are you studying with any senior missionaries going to your mission?

Brigham: How is the language coming along? is it getting easier? Do you think you can teach a lesson yet? What have you been working?
It is coming. I struggle with the structure a bit. I have been teaching almost 40 minute lessons in Illongo now. Sentence structure is what i have been focusing on.

Dad: So is the MTC gas as bad it was when I was there? How does that work out with all those sister missionaries?
Yes, but I have a good digestive system unlike the elders in my room...

Dad: What gospel principle(s) are you studying?
Commandments is the one we are focusing on now in Preach My Gospel

Dad: What chapter are you on in the Book of Mormon?
3 Nephi 16

Mom: How are you doing, Personally?
I am alright actualy better then alright I am great I have been so spiritually uplifted it is great.

Mom: Was Joey's Name under the desk in the classroom or your dorm room?
In my class they are flip up desks, old school style, I sit in it now everyday.

Dad: Have you checked the time capsule above you desk (Behind the Outlet Blank Plate)
Our building is newer and there is non everything is blocked off.

Dad: Can you print out these long emails to read later?
I can but it is alright in the laundry room.

I am glad to hear from everyone. I have been doing very well. I am spiritually enlightened. If everyone could try and figure out Brother Alex Speiser's address/facebook and send him a big thank you. I could see that man as an apostle of God one day.

I get my travel plans tomorrow. I will be leaving Monday almost for sure. I will have almost 40 hours of travel time with lay overs. I might be going into dads mission in Tokyo and spending the night if it is anything like the Cebuano Elders plans.

I have talked to Joey and he is doing well. Tell Connor I am proud of him and I am excited for him to serve a mission. I hope all of you other brothers do the same thing. A mission is important not only for yourself but the people around.

I love you all I will be sending pictures soon I am trying to get more of me but they are kinda bland haha.

I am keeping my shoes on nice and tied. Are you?


Elder Minson