Saturday, August 24, 2013

Another "Perfect" Stranger

Gil Camporazo
The world is getting smaller with social media. I received a message over face book from a church member in the Philippines. He asked if I served in the Philippines and I told him no that my son was currently serving the Bacolod Mission. Well to make a long story short this gentleman is in the same Branch Brock is assigned to.

I am becoming a firm believer that our Heavenly Father places us in the path of others to bless the lives of his children. Our lives have been blessed by another "Perfect" stranger. Our heart felt appreciation goes out to Gil Camporazo our newest friend in the Philippines for his thoughtfulness in sending us these pictures and his willingness to send a message to a "not so "perfect" person" (Me). This connection has made a real difference for Tonya and I. It is good to see Brock look so happy.

As a side note, Looks Like Brock is wearing the tie my Grandma Minson sent him while he was in the MTC.

This is Elder Minson and his Companion Mario Crosland
With Gill Jr. (Recently returned Missionary)

Brock Minson and His Companion Elder Mario Crosland
with Gil Camporazo's Family

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