Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dear Everyone who reads these things,
I have been going crazy this week!! I have been going up and down with a lot of different problems! I will admit I am so extremely homesick it is almost funny HAHAHA!! It is okay though because the worst of it is over! I am happy and ready to keep going! The world isn't over being away. The one thing I have told myself since being out is all those things I think I am missing while I am out here are all gonna be even sweeter when I get back!! We hear and see parts of movies, music, and games all the time here! I am so excited because it gives me even more reason to keep fighting to the end! I think if I went home right now I would be disappointed with life... I wouldn't have anything good to look for because very little has changed. That is something all missionaries have to come to with themselves!! It is of the most importance to realize why you are here and what, in the end, will be awaiting you back home!!

This week we had a baptism of Brother Mark (another sister investigator) he had such a strong testimony and will be a great example to all those he come in contact with. We also Interviewed a man we had no idea was an investigator that we met the first week we were here! He is one of the most elect I have seen in my life. He is 23 and is getting baptized next week! He is looking to serve a mission which is so sweet to see!!

As for us we had a struggle this week. We have been fighting for new investigators and other things with little success. On Saturday we had a Yearly Family Week Celebration/Parade for the church!! It was great to see our whole district there wanting to be with there families. We got to walk the street around town in a huge parade of Mormons and pass out pamphlets and Family Proclamations to the World!! It was awesome and it was a great way to spread the gospel across the Philippines!

Yesterday we only had 1 investigator show up to church... And that was because some of our best fellowshippers didn't go... We now know why fellowshippers are so important!! It is Difficult sometimes to do these things but we are always going forward!

This week will be great fun filled with exchanges with Elder Garner, follow up batch training, and being fingerprinted so I can make it through customs when I return home!!

I love you all and am so excited to see you when I return!! Please SEND PICTURES!! I love them they make my week even more sweeter!!
Elder Minson 

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