Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Really we had one of the worst and most random and fast storms I have seen. We were walking in the sun and 5 minutes later just like turning on a

sink... It rained so bad they had to evacuate a ton of people last night. We asked if we could help but they said no. You know that river I crossed? Yeah that was filled and flooding!! It seriously would have been more then 23 feet deep at least!! It is crazy we might go over there today and help people fix houses and build bridges again to get across.


Dear Everyone who reads this, family, friends, stalkers, ect.

I love you all!! Well maybe not you stalkers but yeah... So this week has been crazy! Our teachings sucked because I had to go on exchanges, Go to Bacolod twice for meetings, and it rained!! Weirdly enough we had 5 investigators show up to church!! I love the people here. I have just decided they are the nicest most caring people ever!! I am going to be so sad when I leave this area... This is my home in the Philippines the City and People of La Carlota hold a great place in my heart!

This week Sister Leny O. had her baptismal interview! It went well and we will be baptizing her this saturday!! I am super excited! We have taught her everything and I just hope she stays with it. Pray for her mom Lani O...

We have 4 investigators who can be baptized on the 26th of October right now... Sadly that is right after transfers... One of us will be gone! Transfers are on the 23rd I believe... That is how it goes in the mission though. This will be a trial when that happens.

Me and Elder Crosland are like brothers. He is a great Elder and I hold such great respect for him and all he is as an Elder. I hope to become as great as him one day. I am excited for a new companion to see if I can make more friendships like this in the mission. I kind of want a Filipino companion so I can grow in the language.

The language is hard and definitely a struggle for me. I have been able to communicate with most people now. Sadly teaching is still a bit of a struggle. I can only skim the surface of most topics. Elder Crosland has shown me how to teach with simplicity that most can learn from. I can't wait to grow even greater.

I am so thankful for everyone who has kept in contact. It is crazy out here and there is always a lot going on. It is nice to know that things are running smooth in my home. Speaking of which I here things are going crazy in America! Is there government parks getting closed down, huge expenses, ect? Keep me updated on stuff like that as well, sports, government, ect. I want to know how my true country is doing. Send pictures!! I love all the ones you have been. Send me some of the house, my car(if we still have it), my 3d graphic work, ect. I only get to see it once but it is nice to see!!

I love you all so much. I have learned to love the Philippines and it has grown on me. Homesickness isn't nearly as bad. I saw my batch this week, and all the foreign missionaries at Bacolod. It mad me realize how much I love the people here and how nice they are.

I have eaten many different foods. Nothing to bad. I love Piayas(I think that is how you spell it. It is a peace of tinapay (bread) with chocolate in it and it is always freshly cooked. Look them up they are delicious!!

Yet again love you. I will be seeing general conference this weekend so I will talk about that next week. I love you and will see you soon!! Because time is just flying here!! Next week will be filled with stories of baptisms and other such great things!!


Elder Minson

This is my zone and the big guy on the left. Yeah we are super close!!
His name is Elder Mu... Guess what? He is only 9 days older then me!!
HaHa love that man. He lives in Australia!!

These are some scary things in the philippines besides spiders..
trust me one bus ride and you get sick...

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