Monday, September 2, 2013

Week #10 - Difficult week with Passing of Brock's Grandma.

Dear Family,

My heart has been very touched by all of you who have written me. I have struggled a bit the past few days. I try not focusing on what has happened, but there is always something that reminds me. I know she is with me, the night that she passed I slept the best I have the whole time here. It was the first and only night it wasn't too hot or cold. It was also the only day that I was almost forced to go work. It was my first time doing companion exchanges. I felt obligated to go out and I know the lord planned it that way so I would stay exactly obedient. This plan is so perfect I don't see how anyone could deny it. God allowed my grandmother to find her siblings right before death. He helped me to be comforted and enjoy my time here through this hard time. Don't forget everything happens for a reason.

As I said this week has been really interesting. I got to go on my first exchange. I was with Elder Garner who is brand new to the zone so I pretty much just showed him around the area and he is super awesome to talk to. He helped me through Friday (the day I found out) and we kind of just talked and got to know each other. I'll admit it helped a lot to have him just talk to me. We talked about home and things we have done and we just really got along and it took my mind off the bad things.


During Exchanges me and Elder Garner were about to walk home when a man stopped us, he is a caretaker for his sisters really nice house. He sat there and we talked a bit, made fun of my speaking. Then he said, "I am always looking for the true church." Elder Garner turns around and laughs to me and says, "he is an elect." We gave him information on the church and said we will come back and he said he would gladly listen. The blessings of being out here. Sadly transfers are in 1 1/2 weeks. Hopefully me and Elder Crosland stay with each other. I need his help still haha.

So I have a terrible (in-grown toenail) Hangnail... It kills and it is really hard to put on my shoes... hahaha. Just
 though you should know!

Well this week has been rough. And there is more to come. I can't believe how time is going by. I miss you all. I am sad I can't be there for you and be able to lift you up. I am out here and trying to stay strong. Everyday has different challenges, heat, rain, investigators, broken ATMs(long story), ect. I struggle through it, but the great thing is I get through it. 

Stay strong no matter how hard it gets it can be fixed.

I love you I know this gospel is true and I know through it we can become strong. I says these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Minson

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