Sunday, September 8, 2013

Week #11 - Surgery in The Philippines!!!! (Dont worry, not what you think)

Dear Family,

Alright family I am sorry I had a lot on my mind this week for different people so it took me a long time to send to everyone who needed it this week. I have had a crazy up and down week. I have been fine personally but investigators and teachings wise has been up and down. This week started of with a crazy experience.

On monday last week me and my companion were walking home, when we were stopped outside this huge house that we always pass and joke that we will teach the people there. This boy...who was really interested in us as Americans. We talked for a good 10 minutes when his uncle (who owns the house comes out) we all start talking and I look at this man (age 30) and hand him an ang Plano sa Kaluwasan pamphlet. HE looks at it and says he is so grateful because he had both his parents pass away last month!! So we talked and I told him about 

Grandma ... and can speak pretty good English so we mainly talk in English. We taught him again and he tells me that he read it and will read it more intently and have a bunch of questions for us the next time!! CRAZY HUH!?! He is a golden investigator. I hope to have success with him because he is so great and has great story, ...

We have had downs though too. We have had an investigator pretty much dodge out of the way so we don't see him. It is sad some just don't have the desire to change or they (Don't Do).. anything about changing. I have had more people tell me they want to be baptized, but they don't act upon (what) we give them. It is just frustrating.

Brock's First baptism, Sister Emilio's
and Sister Cinco's Investigator Named
Erika Franz Sansaet Soquita,
I hope to keep my baptismal cloths wet.
Well this week was awesome I was able to baptize a girl named Erika Franz Sansaet Soquita, she was the sisters investigator. She is in the picture next to sister Emelio and sister Cinco. It was an amazing experience and I hope to keep my baptismal cloths wet.

I have grown a lot here. I have learned how to say a lot in the language so I can at least teach and let them know what I am saying. I still struggle with expression in the language, but it is getting better. I know in time I will learn. This week is transfers and I am scared. I hope Elder Crosland stays with me he is a valiant missionary and he helps me a lot. We have become like brothers to the point where we make fun of each other a ton. I love him.

Remember that I love you all individually. Stay strong and healthy. Mom get feeling better and keep studying ;) Bros I was not able to write you this week but I am so grateful for the updates and think that is so cool!! Keep writing me!! I am keeping my shoes on and progressing forward here.

Elder Minson

I probably scared you with the title of this didn't I? Sorry but I think it is pretty funny. Me and elder Crosland did surgery on my toe with a knife, toenail clippers and pliers. It hurt extremely bad but as you see in the most recent
After 6 Days
picture my toe is fine. It is almost fully healed and it has only been 6 days. Oh and I have toenail clippers to let you know.

Every diligent missionary has to go through a few trials. I guess this is a direct result of Brock diligently "putting his shoes on".

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