Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week #12 - Drenched and loving it!

Brock drenched from the rains!
This week has been very crazy!! Especially weather wise. I can't believe the amount of rain we got!! The pictures here show me soaked to the bone!! I was wading through almost 2 feet high water through these small huts to reschedule appointments!! Man this place is just filled with surprises!! So pretty much I only have pictures of the very poor areas I realized. I haven't ever sent anything of the real city where we live. I don't live in bad conditions we actually have one of the largest and nicest Elder apartments in the whole mission.

Transfers were crazy me and Elder Crosland were nervous the whole day not sure what was going to happen. We have heard some Elders have been called as late as almost 11 O'clock. We were nervous, but never happened!! So we are all good for one more transfer. What is so scary is I probably will lead the area after this transfer!!

Well I had a great and crazy opportunity yesterday. Randomly during sunday school President Loreto (branch president) came up to me and asked, "Can you help us?" I was like heck yeah with what? He then says, "Great, can you give a talk in sacrament?" WHAT!?!?! HAHAHA It was funny it was like maybe 30 minutes before sacrament. So I did and the lord blessed me greatly people were very impressed by my ability. I by no means know the language or know how to speak correctly, but I am able to get the message across and I gave a 10 minute talk on Magtuman sang Kasuguan. (keeping the commandments) I am trying so hard and I think I am finally finding my voice.

Mom I think that I so cool that you are starting to start school. I know it will be tough at first, but once you get in a rhythm of school again it becomes easier and you will learn quicker. It is like the gospel once you start saying your prayers, and reading every night, learning the gospel becomes easier, not because you changed how you study, but your mind adapts to learning.

Dad I am so jealous of you and being able to go to Oregon. Man I wish I was able to go. Did you see the temple? I love the temple in Oregon it is super beautiful. I hope grandpa is doing alright. I have emailed him. I told him if he ever needs a place just to go to get out of the house our house is open. I wouldn't mind it if he moved in with us. I guess Tammy is moving in again, I just wish I could be there. Dad I want you to read the Kolob Theory if you haven't. It will blow your mind I mean it isn't doctrine, but it is an interesting take on the Plan of Salvation. It makes sense in a way. I will send you that in a bit.

Brody, thanks for your email. Camping sounded like so much fun! I wish I was able to camp. Well it kind of is like camping out here in a way HAHA! It is cool you are making new friends. Brody I promise you that if you expand your group of friends and just love everyone and not separate your self from anybody you will have an awesome time in high school like I did. That is one thing I was grateful I did. Keep having fun bro.

Brig-Ham where is your email bro? I heard about your game... I am sorry that is rough. Keep on hitting people. It doesn't matter how your team does. Just do your best and that's all you need to say. In the future the teams will be based on skill and you have the skill. I hope you are enjoying school. Keep having fun it only lasts a short time then you are on a mission.

Family I love you all. Please send me more pictures. If you can send me some pictures of my architecture work. I have it on my email somewhere if you can't find it on my computer. The people here love hearing about it. I am focused on the work, but one thing different about there is if you don't have a relationship with the people it is hard to get through the door. SO we spark interest and BRT with things of home, my fair skin everyone thinks is handsome also helps, and most people here love computers so if you can just some pictures would be cool.

Well family this week was cool. Yes I got to visit the giant house several times. He is very gracious and the last appointment he said that he will take all the time he needs if it gets him closer to Christ. That is how we should be. Magnify our callings coming closer to Christ is better then anything else you can do in your life.

I love you all my friends, family, and anyone else who reads these things HAHA! It is nice to hear from you. I have about an hour and a half to email a day. That includes, Emailing President Lopez so it is not much time. I love you all even if I am not able to get a hold of everyone. Keep praying. Our investigators our Sister M, Sister A, Brother M, Brother S, Brother C, Brother J, Sister L, Sister E, Sister E, Sister A, Sister S. They all need help one way or another. It is difficult here. I have you in my prayers though. Love you all!!

Elder Minson

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