Sunday, September 22, 2013

Week #13 - "My cloths very rarely get dry!"

Alright now its yalls turn... Quit your complaining ;) To start off the bat, I miss you all more then anything!! This week has been by far the trunkiest week of the mission... President said this 2nd transfer is the hardest and yep he is right!!

This transfer has been crazy and has brought lots of blessings!! The language is improving a ton more, or at least my confidence has!! I am able to talk pretty well with people. I still struggle in lessons because I have to explain a lot more. ME and Elder Crosland do pretty well when it comes to lessons.This week we had 7 investigators show up to church! Crazy huh?! I have not had such a great opportunity! Last week I did get to do that baptism i just wasn't able to change before pictures! This week though, I got to do the same thing, I baptized Rian Improtante Jumaway. He is 9 and is a crazy kid! It was awesome! My cloths very rarely get dry! October 6th we have a baptism of our own for Leny Obdamen ... She has a testimony ... and a desire for baptism. ... The people here are poor... they have nothing and they have no way of getting anything... We try helping them through faith but that trial is super hard to pass.

Lessons with SM are going great. Sadly he did not go to church... He is busy a lot but he is really trying to leave time for the gospel. We should be showing him the restoration video tonight and hopefully that helps him know what he really wants!

This has been a crazy adventure. Rain, sunshine, rain, rain, sunshine... never
stops. Your adventures seem pretty crazy though. I am way jealous of that camp boys!! I think that is so cool to repel and do things like that!! Over coming fear is hard but it is the first step to success!! Oh I forgot to tell you my fear of spiders is slowly diminishing!! I hate big ones still which you will see pictures... But I play with little one with the kids!! It is awesome.
We got to go to zone conference this week. It took a lot of time out of our proselyting time, but it was worth it. I met a lot of amazing missionaries. I got to talk to my batch, and got to learn some interesting things on how to study and prepare for lessons.

I learned how important working ward missionaries and home teachers are. Our branch has little home teachers, but the branch missionaries rock!!

Dad all I can say is keep pushing the Ward to get out there and do missionary work. The missionaries are out here to teach but 1out of 285 door knocks get a baptism, 1 out of 8 member introductions get a baptism! That is a huge difference!!

Members are the key to success remember that... You are all missionaries!! Keep strong and be the best you can be!! Love you and miss you all!!


Elder Minson

PS- Please send pics of home, the family, friends, my 3d graphics stuff, ect. It is the only thing I have here and it means a lot to me!!

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