Monday, October 21, 2013

Earthquakes, rainstorms, bad backs, giant spiders, ect.

Alright Family your turn,

How are all of you doing? How is life going? Any struggles you going through? Well it is going awesome here! Earthquakes, rainstorms, bad backs, giant spiders, ect. I have been able to enjoy hearing from a General Authority!  I have had such a crazy week of doctor appointments in Bacolod, Getting lost in Bacolod, and finally being cured of pain!
First about mission tour. We had the opportunity of having Elder Neilson of the Seventy come and speak to us! We were able to listen to him and his wife. His wife spoke on Companionship's, which is funny because I have no problems with mine! She helped us realize it
is not just tolerating but accepting each other.  That is how it is with families, friends, and mission companions! I hope to apply all she taught us! Elder Neilson was amazing!! He spoke on a lot of different topics and any question that came up he blew away like a clay pigeon! I hope to become like that some day!
Earthquake was neat... I was standing in the kitchen cooking pancakes and Elder Crosland asked if I felt "that" I said no and right after I said that i did! it was about a minute long of the most interesting experiance ever. After that I resumed making my pancakes and talking about it with elder Crosland!
My back is doing much better! It was muscle problem. The doctor gave me medicine to take for the week and it has
helped almost immediately! I will have to go in for a theropy treatment soon to learn how to stretch right and that will be ongoing on my own time through my whole life! I will be fine! I am going to buy a backpack, a couple in our branch sells some amazing Camel Backs for 1000 pesos ( 25 dollars) and everyone uses them especially for exchanges!
Transfers are happening Wednesday! We will find out tomorrow night who will be going. We both believe it is Elder Crosland! I will probably  lead the area here in La Carlota. After this transfer I am qualified to train so who knows what I will be doing!! I could be a trainer for all I know!! Which is
scary because I have a hard time communicating with people still. Especially those who don't know any English... It is coming just... slowly!
Dad, don't worry about me.... I love you, I am doing well and am growing closer to the Lord everyday! Remember that faith without works is dead... distractions are always gonna be there you just have to remember that the work just needs to be done study, pray, and use that testimony. In Preach My Gospel, it talks about why we need to bare testimony all the time. It not only helps us, but people will have the vale slowly fade away through the words you speak.
I am so proud of you! I am so glad you are doing will in school. I pray for you! I wish i could help, but I know you can do it! The Lord is there to guide in "all things." Ask yourself what needs to be accomplished in the morning before you pray, that way you will be able to run through the schedule with our Father in Heaven. He will help you accomplish all the works you have set forth too.

Brody Stop with the girl loving! It will only get you in trouble trust me it isn't worth it tell you are older. Girls are amazing trust me I know that! I just challenge you to date a lot, when you are 16 of course. I will be home before you are 16 so I shouldn't hear anything about kissing or loving... Get better bro that looks painful!!
Brig-Ham I am glad you had a fun birthday! I am proud of you and all the pictures of you getting older are crazy to me!! I hope you enjoy all the time you have while you are young. The priesthood is amazing thing use it and exercise it as much as you can! I love you bro!
I love you all I am becoming a better missionary and a better man day by day I can tell. I am focused on becoming the missionary you all want me to be, and better yet the missionary my Father in Heaven wants me to be! I have been through much here, i can't wait for more!! Lots of love and kisses!
Elder Minson

Here are some pics of the scripture covers Brock had made. He says they are made out  of clay.

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