Thursday, October 24, 2013

Elder Minson Has Been Transferred!!!!

We found out last night that Brock was transferred to the Bacolod South Zone. We were not sure which district he was transfered to until we woke up this morning to a Facebook message from a member in his new area. Here is what the message said. I post this not for my own glory but because it shows the kind of missionary he is becoming, and we are so proud of him for being the man that he is.

Samuel Mañago Balintay Jr.
Dinner time in the Phils Dadi Minson!

Samuel Mañago Balintay Jr.

My wife cooked for them last night and tonight. This is his second night here in his 2nd area, Tangub Ward, Phils. Bacolod South Mission.

Samuel Mañago Balintay Jr.
Your son is such a humble missionary. I can't wait til my serve too in the next 17more years. Hahaha! He will turn 1 on Monday the 29/11/2013.

Samuel Mañago Balintay Jr.
My Sons name is Stephen Viktor.

Samuel Mañago Balintay Jr.

How did you brought up such a fine young men like him? Will you teach me how?

What finer compliment can a father receive than to hear this. How proud our Heavenly Father must be of each of us when we are included in a prayer of gratitude for kind deeds and acts of service rendered. I am so proud to be his dad and humbled to have been blessed with a son who represents his family so well in the mission field.

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