Sunday, October 13, 2013

Brock's investigator gets baptized!!!

Dear Family, friends, cats and dogs, best friends, girl friend, politicians, bloggers,
HI!! Haha sorry I have been out here in the field for almost 3 months now and my brain has kind of snapped! BUT, its a good thing because now I find joy in the smallest things!!

This past week has been interesting to say the least! I have had very great moments and other moments that left me well not sad... but in pain...

First with the goods!!! I GOT TO BAPTIZE LENY!!! WHOOHOO!!! It was awesome and it was my first investigator baptized! ... I know her Mom, even though she can't be baptized, wants her daughter to go forth in the gospel! I have had a good time teaching them and I hope they progress onward. We also had 6 investigators show up to Church without us having to go get them or text them or anything!! We got to
watch General Conference and it was one of the most amazing things I have ever been able to experience! I wrote down 17 pages of notes in a actual sized notebook!! It was crazy how much you pay attention and get out of it if you surround yourself in the gospel at all times and look for the things that can improve your teaching and understanding! It has been a great week of joy, baptism, and understanding! Always keep your standards people! Just because the things around us are dropping their standards doesn't mean we drop our own.
Well I only had one bad thing happen... DON'T FREAK OUT it is something I have had forever... A BAD BACK!! Everything is short here so my tendency to slouch happens a lot... and I had a day where me and Elder Mu were down because of back problems... (worst day of my life)... We are thinking of setting up an appointment to get care for our backs... there isn't a day that goes by without pain... I just ask for strength and I hope you will pray for me... I might have to get money out soon if I do get an appointment... I will try and avoid that I hate wasting money... I will be strong promise...
Don't worry about me I seriously am doing perfectly fine! I just have a little aching back... I don't have very bad homesickness so Dad don't worry about me and you don't have to post on Facebook and tell other parents... Sister Polatis told me her mom said something about me... I am fine I am strong and I have grown in the culture faster then most usually do!!

I am grateful for all the concern I really am!! I have grown so much in the past few months here! I have had moments where I miss home, but all in all I love it here! Transfers are this next week! We are hearing the mission will be split and that probably will happen when Elder Neil L. Andersen come next month! So I might be in a new Mission soon!!

We went house hunting this week because there is so many new missionaries! We might get moved into this extremely nice apartment!! Pray for that will yah ;)

Boys, I haven't eaten dog, I love the meet here though it is so good!!! I Have played basket and I suck... My body is for endurance not speed... I have baptized 3 people I believe, 1 being my own investigator. And we pick people up all the time because they are not quiet active to go to church....

Well that is my story I love you all I miss you and hope you send me more pictures!! I LOVE THE PICTURES!! Brody your a stud ;) Brig-ham I love you bud! I pray for you Mom I know you will do great on your test! I believe you can do anything!! Dad focus on what needs to get done. Don't worry about others just get 'er done!! I promise the Lord will provide if you take what he has given you and make the best of it! I know it is hard, so is everyday here... I love you don't give up!!

 Elder Minson

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