Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Latest Update of Super-Typhoon "Yolanda" international name "Haiyan"

After all our Zone Training Meetings this morning, missionaries are instructed to buy food for at least three days, water, candles and load-up their cell phones. I’ve instructed those missionaries who live up in the mountain to come down and stay with the missionaries in the city- in case there is landslide and the road become impassable. Missionaries who are leaving their house are asked to secure their belongings left behind. Those near the shoreline are also moved inland. Sisters are well secured including our couples. Starting this evening at 6- all missionaries are expected to be home and remain indoor until after the storm. No one is allowed to go outside. I’ve instructed missionaries that we will assist only after the storm and not during the typhoon. I’ve also instructed our San Carlos District to cancel their temple trip to Cebu tomorrow. I have cancelled all interviews, appointments and visits until after the storm. Every companionship will report to their district leaders on their safety. District leaders will report to zone leaders and all zone leaders will update me tonight and on a regular basis. FYI.

The Arrow Points to the Bacolod Mission.
Red area is the affected area of the storm.

Weather Map of Yolanda Category 5 Typhoon

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