Friday, November 8, 2013

Typhoon Yolanda - Storm of the Century!

There is so much to tell. Words can not express the roller coaster of emotions a parent feels in a situation like this. Typhoon Yolanda was a category 5 Typhoon. 500 miles wide, Sustained winds of 195 miles an hour. In comparison Katrina was cat 4 - 400 miles wide and winds of 125 miles per hour. Brocks area was 30 - 40 miles from the eye.

Below are some of the posts we received from President Lopez as the storm was baring down on them.

A members Text between President Lopez's updates.

I think brock is teaching his
Putting on your shoes principle


Heart Breaking Picture to See How the Poor Struggle
Picture provided by from a news agency
 Here are some pictures a member in the ward sent after the main part of the storm passed. He stopped in to check on the Missionaries on his way home from work.


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