Friday, November 8, 2013

Bacolod escapes Brunt of Storm - Considered a Miracle!

I found this article posted among many by concerned parents of Missionaries serving in the Bacolod Mission. At the end of one of those articles I found this statement from the Mayor of Bacolod City. Describing the lack of Destruction as "Unexplainable". I can't help but to thank my Father in Heaven for his Protecting hand, Not only over  my son but also the people he is serving.

We know what the miracle spoken of in the article is. I read dozens of articles with thousands of comment invoking the blessing of God on the people in the Philippines. We as a family enjoyed dozens of friends and mere acquaintances promising prayers on behalf of Brock's and the people in his mission. Other parents with missionaries in Brock's mission mentioned they received the same comments and well wishes. I had several people tell me they put Brock's name in the temple and for that I can not express enough gratitude.

In one of President Lopez's Updates he closed with these words "Our Prayers are intense and our faith is full" I love that. From the many comments made by family members of these great missionaries I can believe that the intensity of the prayers being said matched those on teh otherside of the world.

Here is the clip Containing the MAyors Comments and link to the story I am making reference to...

Bacolod spared (Click Here to Read the Whole Story)

Bacolod Mayor Monico Puentevella said the city had been spared from greater damage that could have been caused by the storm.
He said it was “unexplainable” that Yolanda seemed to have split around Bacolod contrary to earlier forecasts, which showed that the city was on the path of the storm’s full force.
“We have to be thankful for what can be described only as a miracle,” Puentevella said as he pointed out that City Hall had been preparing for massive evacuations since this is the first time in recent years that Bacolod had been placed under Storm Signal No. 4.
The city government will be sponsoring mass tomorrow at the San Sebastian Cathedral as part of its thanksgiving, he added.

It is amazing to read of the faith of the people and faith still found in the hearts and mouths of their leaders. I wonder will Americans ever be bold enough to talk this way in the public square again?

God Bless this country of our and may we humble ourselves sufficiently that He will not need to Humble us in his way.

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