Sunday, November 3, 2013

Philippines Week #13 Tangub Ward-

Alright family,

I am going to make this a bit quick today, my companion doesn't get like any emails I guess...I feel bad. I will still relay everything I want to but the details will have to  be cut short. This computer is also weird with the picture sending so I have no idea what I am actually sending you!
This week was full of Extreme Spiritual incite I loved hearing from Elder Anderson and the other seventy that was there.

First this is for all you member missionaries. Elder Ardern from New Zealand talked to us yesterday in our Stake Conference. He is an amazing man and he really gave simple things for members to do to improve missionary efforts. The one thing I want to share that I love is he told members to invite the missionaries over and ask them to teach them how to invite someone to church or teach them on how to teach their friends. Have you ever thought of such a simple idea? us as missionaries know how to teach basic and as you said Dad it is hard to teach. If you invite the missionaries over to have a 25 minute lesson on how to teach a friend how easy can that be?
Shaking Elder Anderson's hand was a great privileged I learned that I need to focus on repentance while teaching. Out here it is hard to explain and it is very corrupt out here. Chungies, which are those fenced off areas with food hanging from the fence, they are simple ways to by snacks and drinks and everyone buys from them on the sabbath. I have seen the bread for the sacrament get bought the hour before it is past. It is just hard for people to understand it is a sin. We have to compare side by side the bible to Mosiah 13 and show them how much of a sin it actually is. Ugh!! Oh well we press on. It is hard to tell people to not do that becaue there is no way of preserving food here so they usually by it fresh... ugh... budlay(hard)
So last week we had All Saints Day (Halloween on Nov 1st) we went Graveyard proselyting which was a huge waste of time... it wasn't worth going because our graveyard is a catholic graveyard and all we got was dirty looks...
I am getting a bit homesick with all the holidays and stuff... I am excited for my package!! I will be shopping soon where can I get Bull Dog Sauce? I have been looking every where for it and I don't know where it is. I will keep looking. I will make sure Brother Balintay knows he is loved haha!! He is awesome!! 

Have you gotten a hold of the Sano Family yet? Edy, our investigator that lives with them, will probably have his interview this week. Our problem is he has no birth certificate and he isn't sure of his birthday and his full name... I am pressing on our ward to get a budget for this kind of problem... It is 200 pesos for a copy and people are to poor here for that... 200 pesos!!! 5 dollars!! Yeah that is how it goes here... Hopefully we will get that worked out. He is now praying, remembers everything...!! He is a great blessing! 

Names for prayers: Sister Ruth, Joy, Marygold, Sally, Ninet, Brother Lavadia, Jaramiah, Edy. Thank you for the support. I am trying to get everything I can to you but it is hard.

I have been taking money out a little bit at a time if you haven't noticed. Trust me I havn't been spending it but I am keeping it just in case I need it. I might need to buy a jacket and pants today so that might be 1000 ($25) pesos... We will find out!!

... I love you and I know you are there!! Good job Brigham on the play, Brody I love the costume, Dad I am so glad you are an amazing example for me, Mom you are amazing!!

Elder Minson

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