Sunday, October 27, 2013

Transferred and loving the new area and companion!

Dear Daddi Minson ;),

So I am sending individual letters to everyone this week. So compile what sounds good to you and put that on the blog. I have so many things to tell everyone individually I can't do it any other way.

 So you met Brother Balintay, he is one of the greatest men I have met here. His wife Bliss is just amazing as well! They are the cooks for the missionaries... and they feed us through the week. He did give me a massage (for Brocks Back Pain) and it was amazing but he said we will have to do it a couple more time to fix it. I have pictures, but as I said in Mom's email it is too risky to send on these computers. Brother Balintay has a bunch of plans of different foods I am going to try! I am excited!!

Another amazing family is the Sano Family. They have fed us for 2 nights in a row and it is Brothers birthday tonight so we will be eating there again! They are a family that has fellow shipped an investigator to the point where he lives in their house!! He is awesome, but he has a learning disability and forgets things really easy, he never went to school so amat-amat (little by little) we are teaching him. He should be baptized next month!

These families are just a few of the amazing families here. I was lucky and am now in the Tangub Area, which just so happens to be Elder Croslands area before me and him went to La Carlota. He was well known and loved here so they except me like I am his son HAHA! I think it just awesome! Elder Mata' Utia is Elder Croslands old companion in Cauyan so it is awesome to have him for both my 3rd transfer and Elder Croslands 3rd transfer. Transfers here are a bit weird. We took a Ceres (bus) to go to Bacolod, then a taxi or trike to Galo Chapel, which is where the Mission Office is, and there we wait to get our new companions while the Assistance supervise it all.

I am growing one day at a time. I gave a talk yesterday and didn't do to bad at all in the language. I struggle because Elder Mata' Utia is 17 months out and is really good at the language and lessons, he likes to do really quick short lessons, (which is the opposite of me) so i struggle to help and it is hard for me to feel the spirit so I am trying to slow it down just a bit to make them feel the spirit. He lifts me up though, if I do something good like relate a scripture to what he is talking about it he compliments me. He is a man of few, even though he knows good english, so we just sing! Singing is the key to the spirit. Try getting the missionaries to do Caroling with ward missionaries. It makes people feel at home it really does.
Well I have nothing else to say... I love you and miss you all. I miss your advise and scripture references so please send me more to study up on! I love you and the whole family tell everyone HI and I love them for me! Love you!!

Elder Minson

Dear Mother of Mine,
I think you are amazing I hope you know that! So this week was transfers... I would send pictures, but the computers here i guess have a tendency to erase all pictures on peoples cards so I will wait tell I am at a members with a computer or at the church and you will get a ton then! I am with Elder Mata' Utia, he is full blood Samoan who is in the US ARMY. He is one of Elder Croslands old companions so we have some common ground! If you didn't know I am in Elder Crosland's area right before he trained me! It is both mine and his 2nd area!! I love it here! I am sad that I left La Carlota, it was my home away from home, I knew where everything I could need was... but here is more Americanized, they are richer, they are easier to speak with, and they have big hearts. You have already met Brother Balintay, he is one of the greatest men I have ever met. Another family you should look up is the Sano family.They are both the families that feed us!!  I love it here. Thank you for the pictures they are just amazing to look at. I will admit they make me a bit sad because the people here are already trying to celebrate Christmas!!!! Actually that Started in September!!! It is crazy here hahaha!!  Well I love you and am so proud of you!

Elder Minson

Dear Brigham

That is awesome bud!! I am so proud of you for passing the sacrament!! I love you and am so glad that you are growing in the church. I did not make the scripture case. There is a man that all missionaries go to in the Sagay area. He does them in clay and mine is one of the newest and nicest in the mission. He used to use heavy clay but he has found a new way to make it lighter, and he glosses them now so they look awesome! It was 2000 pesos for the whole thing to get done. (about 45$) It is expensive but as you can see it is way worth it! I love them and they have a little of Elder Minson flavor to them. I am companions with Elder Mata'Utia!! He is a full blood Samoan. He is amazing at the language...  I will send pictures another day.
Elder Minson

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