Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Head Cold For Christmas!!!

Dear people I saw through the computer last week,

How yall doing? I am doing alright... I have been sick the past couple days... I just pushed passed it and decided to work I usually felt good after a lesson or two. Right now though... I feel like poop... Yep I said it! I am tired my head hurts, I woke up with a sore throat (gone now), I just feel sick... I am all good though! Don't worry about me I will live!
So this week has been a pretty relaxed and normal week. I will admit it was boring actually... One crazy thing that happened was Sister Bitter(she lives in syracuse) got robbed! She says it is the 3rd time here mission, but first time in person! Really sad... 

Other then that, the second most exciting thing that has happened is it has been raining!! Woohoo! I love the rain! It makes a huge difference in the temperature! 

Me and Elder Zobell are still doing brackets! The Lich King was decided to be the most evil video game character. (boys/Heather play warcraft 3 campaign and you will understand ;) ) And the Tree Ent is the best fairy tale character. We are now doing best movie hero. Crazy no? 

Well as you can see not much has happened... Oh last night we went on splits. I was with Brother Sano who as you know is only a 2 year convert. It was great though I taught some good lessons, I think. We are hoping to have a couple baptisms in January! the 19th is where most of them are able to be! Wouldn't it be cool right before my birthday? And my birthday is on a P-DAY!! WHOOHOO! I am excited. Well I hope you are having fun. I am so glad to hear Christmas rocked!

Keep me updated. Oh some things I was thinking I might need/want. Ties of course, chocolate, I loved the peanut butter (perferrably Skippy) and honey from aunt Judy (funny thing is the peanut butter she sent is the only American peanut butter actually here, I thought it was funny), Candy of course, and I had other things last night but nalipat ko (i forgot). Well here are questions.

Boys who is your favorite football/basketball team and player?
Who is taking the Superbowl?
How was Christmas?

Well thanks for all you do! I was so happy to see you last week! I think I will be okay for another 5 months! I think it is cool you are getting that translated (Brock's Testimony)... Just to let you know... Not sure if it was correct... Just saying! Thanks dad for the story I see that in some instances with me too. Please send more! Thanks yall I love you! 

Love your Missionary,
Elder Minson

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