Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cold Cologne, Hot Amerian BBQ and I'll be home next year!!!

Hello people that I love,

This week as you know is a NEW YEAR! I can now say "Next year I will be home!" Crazy and exciting! So I actually took time this week to write down what has been happening and things I want to talk about, weird no? I am actually getting prepared for once.

Well to start off last week, the Balintays showed us a place on P-Day where you can get American ribs... Delicious!! I have the picture below of us at the restaurant. It was so good the meet was super tender and it was the first BBQ sauce I have had sense leaving America.

So I got Grandma's letters this week they were super nice. Oh and I decided to open my Birthday present early for some reason! And now I feel stupid... That cologne has been in the fridge for this whole time! I was thinking it was a box of something food, and the fridge is the only way to preserve that stuff. I open it and I see it was cologne! Which rocks by the way thank you so much.

So lately has been weird, I have had dreams of being home, but it wasn't quiet home. There was a mix of Philippines in it. I was always Hanging out with Garrett, Connor, and Heather, and sometimes Cydney. You were all there. I think I need Garrett and Connor's email pronto please! I need to speak with my buds!

So Saturday my cold turned bad. I got a huge stomach ache and felt like death. My whole apartment was down actually with exception of Elder Zobell... I slept through Language study and the hour of prep time before lunch. We went and worked and I felt alright, but really weak. I am now doing much better but my stomach is a bit weak still.

So I have a good feeling about this next transfer. Last week was emergency transfers for a lot of the mission. I figured that would be the time I would get transferred. It didn't happen, so I don't want to assume but I might be training this next week. We will see kind of cool. I am comfortable with the language now. That is about all I can say. I teach decently but could be better and I will get better. I am just not great with starting the discussion. I can finish pretty well though.

So we have this awesome investigator. She is the mother of our recent convert R. Her name is H. She has been descent and like a normal investigator the time we taught lesson 1 (didn't read, prayed but not for the truth, etc.), well we got to lesson 2 and she told us she read the whole thing! WHAT?! She said she liked it and has many questions, but will wait to ask tell after the discussion. She said she liked it because all the other churches of this broad plan with little to know info and she feels that this plan has exactly what should be. She feels like God would prepare more then just Heaven and Hell. She really was excited and is excited for this discussion. She didn't come to church yesterday because funny enough her recent convert son said he didn't want her to, he wanted his Dad to go. Sadly, he has no Dad... So we are working on that. The good thing was she was planning on it and hopefully this next week she will go!

So how is the family doing? I am curious on how Eric is doing? He posted on dads contest thing for the caption "FAITH...Just Do It!" I really love that and I hope he is applying it himself!

Well family I love you! This gospel is true and as we grow and continue we will be able to be successful in this life and the next life to come! I hope you are all enjoying your Break. Now it is time to start again. You are all in my prayers I love you be strong!

Elder Minson

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