Sunday, December 1, 2013

Fam-o-lam-o-lee!! and friends,

Wassup!? I am doing so good today! I have no clue why! I gotten woken up early by the person who comes to get our laundry. I am a little tired. I got a hair cut ... Do I want to have transfers... yeah... but I am not going to worry over them. Hopefully president will have revelation what best for the area. That is all I really care about.
So this week has been pretty basic and not much happened. We taught. Got some really good new investigators that I think are prepared to receive the restored gospel. I am happy to help serve them. I think my only thing is that I like teaching several principles to people at a time. Elder Mata'utia is more about 1 principle which really is short... There is a smooth pattern to the princples of the gospel. Lesson one goes smoothly from 1)the Lord loves us as our heavenly father and we are his children 2)and he blesses families who live his gospel, 3)one way he blesses families is he gives us prophets that lead and guide us, 4) he loves so much though he sent his only begotten son to establish his church, bless the people, and give the ultimate atoning sacrifice so that we may repent. 5) But people become so wicked they kill the prophets, they even killed Jesus Christ, and this led to an apostasy and thus the church and the authority of the lord was lost, thus losing all 3 pillars of an established church; Prophets, apostles, and the authority. That for me is one lesson. He only likes teaching one of those... It is all good though we all do it different.
Dad I don't think you realize how important you really are to us as missionaries! The Ward Misson Leader (WML) is by far the most important person here. And ours here is legitimately crazy... It means a lot to the missionaries to have a WML like in my last area and like you who is willing to help at a moments notice. The members and missionaries have to work together or the progress will be nothing. If you are still WML when I get back I am going to work you to death ;)
Mom I am so proud of your progress in school. I pray every night that you will be able to complete school and have the ability to accomplish all you need to do. I know you will be the best councilor in the world!! I love you so much!
Brody you are now a Teacher! I am so proud of you bro! I think it so cool how you are growing to be such an amazing young man! I think you are awesome I hope you know that! Remember to keep me updated on stuff.  Love yah bro!
Brig-ham! Ouch bro! Stop hurting yourself will yah? The leg and the hand and everything. STOP BREAKING!! I love you still bro! I am glad you had fun. I hope things keep having fun! Hey let me know who is going to the super bowl and stuff okay? Hows Necko doing? Well I am good Thanksgiving was alright! Love yah man!! You are amazing don't forget it!!
So yesterday was a huge trial. I wanted to fast for the area so I figured the whole 24 hours! Which means dinner at 7:30 pm.... I was fighting through it well until after church. The ward invited us to lunch like usual. It smelled so good but I had to tell them no... My companion and everyone was eating. I am so happy though I feel like that 24 hour fast will help this area I really think it will! Faith: Knowing something is true to the point of action! I am acting as much as I can on my faith! I did it and I think that is another reason I am so happy! 
Well I don't remember anything else... I love you all! I hope you enjoy this season! I will let you know soon about the calling on Christmas!! I miss you and am here for yall! Keep me in your prayers!
Elder Minson

This was our thanksgiving on Thursday that Sister Bliss Balintay cooked for us.  She did awesome. I also made me mashed potatoes on Saturday in the spirit of thanksgiving. And sister Balintay made this stuff called Mango Float... Pretty much pie!!!! I love it!! She says she will make it more often for me then ;)

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