Sunday, December 8, 2013

Week# 18 Philippines Tangub Ward Bacolod South Zone

Dear Ole' Family of Mine, 
Well this week has been an adventure. NOT! Well it hasn't been to bad. I was a bit dissappointed about transfers. I was looking at our numbers though in our area book. Me and Elder Mata'utia have the highest amount of teachings this area has had in almost 5 months! I don't feel like we do that well, but I guess I can't complain!...
This week we had a baptism service for the sisters investigators. The Leysa Family! In one of my picture before there is a picture with us and the sisters at a families house, that is them. They are an elect family! I was chosen by one of their sons and the mother to baptize! It was AWESOME!! Even though they weren't our investigators they were so amazing to see baptized! The excitement on their faces was priceless!! I am so proud of them!
Well we hopefully will have 3 to 4 baptisms this month if we do this correctly! ...
Well this week hasn't been very different. We did get a new Elder in our apartment and he is AMERICAN!! It really helps after a long day just to talk with him. His name is Elder Zobell. He is from Salt Lake City and went to East High! He is a nerd which really rocks! ... 
Hey me and Elder Zobell want some dang updates on movies, games, and other random fun stuff!! I may be on a mission, but here in the Philippines we literally hear nothing about anything! I only saw during our facebook proselyting ... I mean I don't know anything then just what people post online. SO SEND ME SOME NEWS DANGGIT!! Please... Thank You!!
Well family I can only press on ward. It may be hard and difficult, but time is going by so fast I can't believe it! Dad I do know how to work Skype, but I might need to get a new account! I have the Details and I will send you those after this. I have a couple investigators progressing so they will be good! I haven't had to many experiences though lately...
I will be Skyping you. Remember that the Philippines doesn't do daylight savings so we now are 15 hours apart from each other and that is why my emails have been getting earlier. So keep strong have fun Merry Christmas! I can't wait to talk to you! Good luck Mom on your test I pray for you! Love you boys! Brig stop getting hurt!! (knock on wood) Brody be safe and don't be stupid ;) And dad Keep me updated on how missionary work is going in the ward! Love you all!
Love Your Son and Brother,
Elder Minson

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