Monday, December 16, 2013

The Package Has Arrived! The ducks Have landed!

Dear people and relations who for some reason read these things, ;)

 Well this week was pretty good. I had some struggles at the beginning, just kind of upset by all the things going ... One night we kind of got mad at each other because I said we probably should wait to baptize these to boys, because I wasn't sure if they were ready. Well Later that night we taught the Baptismal Questions, and they all did really well. I was impressed and it really humbled me. I hadn't realized they have been taught so much because their records were bad from past missionaries. The next morning Elder Mata'utia explained to me that the area hasn't been progressing for a long time and that the members are making fun of us now, he brought a quote up from Elder Uchtdorf this last October Conference, "Doubt your doubts, before you doubt you faith." We have grown really close since then. We had those boys interviewed and they will be baptized next week.... when its time to work he works tell there is no more work. We are Exactly Diligent, people can say that we aren't perfect and thats because we aren't. In the end I realize that sometimes you have to do (things differently) to help people come to the gospel. This is no excuse by any means. I just have learned that there are different way of doing things and we should accept them all.
Yesterday as you know we had our Christmas Zone Conference. It was so nice to hear from President. We were interviewed and we had to RP (Role Play) with President and teach the Kingdoms of Glory in Illongo to him, I struggled because of my nervousness, but Elder Mata'utia pounded in the spirit real well, and I hope we can apply that to our teachings. 
I am now comfortable in speaking the language. Usually my first teaching everyday is the roughest, but after that it starts coming and I am usually pretty strong in my speech. I by no means am fluent or sagad sa Illongo, but I can teach and get my point across clearly. Elder Mata'utia and Zobell have really helped my progress in my language and this week I have felt my improvement greatly! I was able to teach the whole Plan of Salvation to Eddie on Sunday without help from my companion. That is usually where I learn most my language is when I teach him, because it is more relaxed and I am able to figure out what I am saying and how to say it while teaching. 
Well Family thanks for everything. Send me some pics. I love the videos and am so happy to see all of you next week. My Skype is connected to my Facebook. I recommend for best quality is use a CPU and not a laptop. Unless our CPU sucks then use the laptop. I have everything setup and it should be ready. I recommend linking your skype account with facebook for easy access. Send some questions now if you have some. I love you and Merry Chirstmas! 
Oh, by the way I got the package!! I love it! I am so greatful for everything!! Was there really cloths on top? If so they were stolen! Haha, but everything else was fine! Tell Aunt Judy, Heather, Grandma and Grandpa, Tessa, Tad, and anyone else who contributed thank you! I love all the candy, it is nice to have snacks again haha!
Love you again and Merry Christmas,
(Palangga ko kamo kag malipayon nga Paskwa!)
Elder Minson


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