Saturday, February 8, 2014

Week # 26 Philippines Tangub Ward Bacolod South Zone

Dear People I Love which are probably sad from the Super Bowl results,

How are all you doing? I have not realized how much I really love my time here in Tangub. I found out that the Sano Family is moving in March and I realize now how much I love them. I have grown to love them so much It is just amazing! They take care of us so well and they are always willing to help if we need to rest or need someone to join us in lessons. It is just an amazing blessing!

Well this week has been a slow week in teachings. I mean we were punted a whole ton of a lot!! I mean it made me sad a bit. The thing I realize is how slow time goes when you are not teaching!! We had 2 slow days and they took forever!! And then 2 great days and I was seriously running out of time to get to everyone I wanted to! It is just a total change when that kind of thing happens! I understand now what I want to do now though and that is teach! There is no point in not teaching unless I want time to go slow! 

Well the great thing is we are getting to know the members more and more. That is kind of our companionship focus. I found the reason why I had no success with Elder Mata'utia. He literally just let me go on my own without telling me about the members. I am just barely starting to figure things out. I have realize how important they are! So lately we have been getting to know. And we have found so many PM and LA families since I have started this focus! It is crazy how much rescue is needed here in the Philippines! 1 in every 30 LA members in the world are Filipino! That is what we have realized! They have a good belief in Christ, but they only act like his priority. If it was between money and going to church they would chose the former. They just don't understand and that is why we are here! We are the people who help them understand that Church attendance does more for them then any money could buy!

Well I am lucky now though! The RM's are coming out more and helping. One is the Elders Quorum Pres. and he is trying to assign a home teaching companionship to go on splits with us every week!! I think this will help us gain knowledge of LAs and the area and help us to get to know the members!! I am excited for this area! I am not sure if I will be here to see the baptisms, but they will come soon enough. Once the ward gets in motion towards the mission work the baptisms will start!!
Well I love you family I hope you are all loving life! I miss you a ton! I will see you soon! I know how fast time flies! This week blew my mind when it hit Sunday again! I really think I am always emailing you with how fast it goes by!! Well I love you so much stay happy!! Keep smiling and keep those shoes on!! 

Elder Minson

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