Sunday, February 9, 2014

Week# 27 Philippines Tangub Ward Bacolod South Zone

Dear Family and Other Lovely People,

Elder Minson Progressively
getting better Looking in the Philippine
Well... wassup? Haha!! Man this week has been a doozy! I have been going through a lot of trials this week. Sadly nothing having to do with me personally...

The Sano family is leaving in march which has been hard. Hopefully I will be gone as well so the void of them not being here doesn't make me sadder. I am almost hoping I get transferred to the area they are living in to enjoy their  company for a good portion of my mission! HAHA

So yeah I am living the life here. I have not found pants yet, but don't worry about me I can find them. I just got a pair fixed so I am switching between these 2. Honestly I think if I looked harder I could find some! Which I will do today! Don't worry Mom I am all good!

I hope you know that I have a strong testimony of this gospel! I have been out here, there have been trials (such as the hot season we have been having), but God always lifts us up in the end!

Yesterday at church I had this experience. All the way through priesthood none of our investigators showed up... I was terribly depressed. I was upset and was wondering why at least one didn't come! Well I prayed hard and I look up and I see Sister Hazel with her children and other neighborhood children we have been teaching for a while!!! They came!! With no fellow-shipper (which we tried to get)!! She came and she got to feel the spirit! I feel like this is a huge step! She is a great women and she will be baptized as soon as she hits her 4 weeks! I have never had such a great blessing from prayer! It works, you just got to have faith that it will!!

I love you all I am here for you! If your testimony starts to fail lean on mine till you can get back on your feet and put those shoes on!! Keep strong be happy and keep loving life!

Elder Minson

Brother and Sister Balintay!

Samual and Bliss Balintay
and their Children

Elder Minson and Elder Dalumpinas 
With the Balintay Family!!!

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