Sunday, March 16, 2014

Week# 32 Philippines Tangub Ward Bacolod South Zone

Dear crazy family of mine, ;)

Alright family so I got about 45 minutes left. I am so proud of all the long letters and great stories I got to read today! They are all awesome to hear! I am going to ask before I forget, can you get me the Emails of Brittney and Kendra for me? I would like to congratulate them!
Well this week really rough, but good at the same time! I will start with what was rough.
So Sister H has been doing so good I have been so excited we were ready to get her an interview, but then we asked about her only problem... COFFEE!! She has been trying to stop and she is getting better but it will extend her another week or 2... i might not be here...
In other news though things with the ward are getting better.We have some great members working with us and helping us find longtime less actives which now have part member families. One we just randomly run into at another Semi LA members house, his name is B, we taught them and at the end he asked if he could talk about his concerns, this man is my age, he starts telling us how his "wife" (live in)  is catholic and not open to the gospel at all and he wants us to convert her, he started crying and I could really feel the spirit as he was expressing his concern. We are trying to get to his house and work with him and his wife and see if we can befriend her and slowly help her to the church. So the success is going great in that area and the spirit is still strong. 

Another great thing was I got to talk yesterday as i looked at the crowd I realized the change the ward has undergone. I started this area with around 95+ people. Now we have hit 140 people attending church and it has been growing for 3 weeks(mainly with the Less Actives that I have been teaching for 6 months!) It has been crazy and has really changed how I view my 6 months here. It may have taken forever, but it was so well worth every hour of service! We are finding success and that is all I care about. 
 My English is shot though. As soon as I leave the apartment I lose my sense of english, I tried speaking to a mad from sweden the other day and I was a fool... I kept having to stop what I was saying (because it was in Illongo) and restart again in english. I am worried about when I get home haha! 

Well Family I love you and miss you! Keep smiling and keep those shoes on!

Love yall,
Elder Minson

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