Sunday, March 9, 2014

Week #31 Philippines Tangub Ward Bacolod South Zone

Dear Crazy Family of Mine <3 (I say that with all the love in my body),

Well hello there family! I wish I had cool video's to send you... but I don't! I got these here pictures from our Zone Training Meeting and with a really awesome man named Brother Nonoy! He comes to church every week and he lives in a house about the size of our downstairs bath room without the laundry room attached. That describes for you how poor these people can get! I love them so much! 

Well this week was a bit rough! We had a lot of distractions from the work like weddings, firesides, getting keys copied in the city... We did decent for the time we had but I think it can get better! There is always room for improvement! This week was a bit taxing! It was eye opening to realize I have been in this area for a long long time!! 

Well Sister H is getting baptized on the 23rd! Hopefully it goes through. Her friend was gone on Sunday so we might have to move it back to the 30th if they want to be baptized on the same day! She is so awesome! She is starting to get involved in the ward, hopefully she can get some friends soon to keep her active.

Dad here is a good idea of an fireside/activity for the ward missionaries! We made a fireside where all Ward Missionaries need to bring a investigator/less active to church! We teach a quick lesson on the restoration ( prophets, priesthood, Christ's ministry, and the apostasy), after those principles we gave them a small intro to Joseph Smith, then watched the restoration video on a projector! This was a very easy way to teach the first lesson and get the members involved and active! We had popcorn and snacks and it was just really fun and short! 

We also had the chance to be able to work with Brother Eddie. You remember him? My first baptism in the area? The one who use to live at the Sano's house? Well yeah he came and worked with us and I was just blown away! He is progressing so fast! He is making conversation with our investigators and everything! He was barely able to have a conversation when I got here, now he isn't even shy about it! I am so proud about that!

Things are getting a bit stale here, the progress is little, but I am trying so hard to keep going! We hopefully will find potential investigators soon! We are trying former investigators, OYMing (Open your mouth), everything to just get things going! The one thing I can say is the progress in the ward missionaries are improving and growing! We are finding progress in the ward! And as Sister Page talked about without a sturdy foundation the structure will not stand!(Helaman 5:12) That is where all wards need to start! Then work up! 

I know things will get better I just got to keep looking up! I hope you are all having fun and staying healthy! Keep working hard in school and work! I promise it will be for the best! I love you all! I keep you all in my prayers!

Elder Minson

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