Sunday, March 2, 2014

Week# 30 Philippines Tangub Ward Bacolod South Zone

Dear F-A-M-I-L-Y,

Alright so this week was awesome. I always heard the 4th transfer is always where the magic happens, and it has started well! We have gained a couple new investigators that seem to have potential. We also are getting a lot of work with the members and it is really working well! Surprisingly there was very little punting going on this week! We really just had good lessons!
Me and Elder Dalumpines get a long for the most part! We never fight or have any real problems. We just teach a little differently and it is a struggle sometimes. We are still doing really good though. Teaching is getting there, I am trying to work with it as best as I can. The listening to each other thing is just not really there sometimes. 

Well our investigators are so close to baptism we are planning 4 baptized this month! One is Sister Hazel we were planning on baptizing her next week, but then all of her friends said they want to be baptized the same day so they are all planning the 23 of  March! It is awesome we went from 2-3 to almost for sure 4! It is awesome! 

Well I will admit I am a bit confused with transfers. I wasn't really trying to "expect transfers"  but my companion said in his interview with president, said I will be made Senior Companion this transfer. I guess I just need to keep working the area. And obviously this week is doing great and I am hoping we can keep it going! 

Well yesterdays fast was a real struggle for me I will admit I needed to take a little water due to the fact I almost passed out from the heat! It is so HOT here!!! I am upset... I have learned to love cold showers! Cause 1: that is all they have and 2: IT IS HOT!! Anyway I saw blessings from the fast though we had 5 investigators and a ton of Less Actives at church! We had 130+ members at church! That is 30 more then normal!! Fasting and prayer are so important to everything!

Sister Hazel was pretty funny! She asked if transfers are happening and we said "no." She Kind of did this weird 30 year old women cheering thing it was really funny! The area is doing so go now really just because her little area is all becoming investigators and progressing! 

Well family I am doing good! I am so happy to hear from all yall! 
Brody thanks for the info on everything! I am proud of you! Your B-ball game sounds intense! I hope your having fun!

Brigham, you rock bro! Keep practicing I hear you are just taring it up! And thanks for keeping my room clean while i am gone ;) 

Mom, you are amazing! I hope school is going good! I pray for it all the time! I love the videos they are the best! Please keep strong and smile on! :)

Dad, as always thank you so much for being the man you are! I am so glad you taught me how to be! I love you so much! Your words really inspire me! To help the ward tell the missionaries to have a one on one with the bishop at least every month for 30 minutes! IT really pushes the leadership! Thank you for being a great example!

I love you all thank you so much for all you do! I have my shoes on and am keeping on trucking! 
Elder Minson


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