Sunday, April 6, 2014

Week# 35 Philippines Cadiz 2nd Branch Cadiz Stake

Dear most Amazing People Ever,

Alright so this week was extremely tiring, but amazing at the same time! We have to walk a lot in this area so it is a pretty good work out and I probably have lost plenty of weight this week! I might buy a scale later to find out! 
Well this key board is a pain in the butt so I will try and type as fast as I can but the Shift key is busted!! So bear with me alright?! 
So there is a couple people I want to talk about. First is about the B Family. they are
the referral family. we have a ton of investigators from them and they are super strong. they are older like in their 60s. they work in the sugar cane fields which is a really rough and poor life. but that does not bring this family down at all. we went out there to teach and they told me as they we were leaving that they have no plety(money for a ride), they said they might not be able to make it to church. Well the next day we woke up fasting and praying for people to be at church and the first people we see as we arrive is the B family! these people probably sacrificed their food but they went to church. He stood up in our gospel principle class and bore a great testimony about faith(our subject that i had to teach)
and how no matter what happens the lord provides! they truly are amazing.
Next is the V family. this is our branch president and his family. Sister M (his wife), Sister S, and E!! they are the cutest family ever and are a great fellow shipping family. we go over there every other day and they help us get trikes to get to places that are far and they usually give us some snacks in the hot times of the day! It really is great having them here! they are
kind of the S family of this area for me! 
Next is our best investigators thus far. Sister AM and Brother R. Now this family is really amazing. Sister was being taught in a different area before and was going to be baptized in march. she had to move to do her brother kicking her out. so now she lives with her husband here in cadiz... well kind of they live in a house forever away and it takes like 40 minutes to get there from the city. brother had not been taught yet
and he is baptist. Well we were able to teach them and committed them to be baptized on April 26th! they excepted. we then visited them one more time on Saturday to follow up on going to church. this time president V joined us and he was amazing to fellow ship them! He even bought this piece for his trike from them (i don't think he needed it but it gave them the plety they needed for Sunday). then on Sunday they were there! Brother even gave his 2 cents on the subject and was very actively paying attention and agreeing with what i was teaching. they are strong investigators and will be
baptized on April 26th for sure! 
Next is a really cool story and a miracle for us. So last Sunday we visited this house and only the father and youngest 2 children were there they were related to members in the church. the older 2 children weren't home but they are also members but have been less active family. well we taught brother s (the dad) and they were a bit hesitant at first. the mom was not home and he told us that they use to investigate the church but a missionary did something that offended sister mv (the mother) and the missionaries have not been let in sense, like they tried like 2 weeks before and no success. well we came back Tuesday to visit them and it was perfect timing the whole family was there (which is rare) and sister was really hesitant at first but we were persistent and happy and positive! SHE LET US IN!! We talked for a bit and she told us about her experience and why she was offended. well we addressed the concern and told her that Jesus forgives all and we need to as well, she tried fighting but then gave up. she then allowed her daughters to go back to church. One of them, sister sm wanted to go on a mission so now it is our goal to make that come to life for her! IT is so amazing how the lord provides for us. We were the first missionaries to visit in a long time and we have visited 2 sense then and they are slowly getting it. we think we can get sister mv back into the church but it will just take a bit of time! 
Well this week has been filled with great experiences and great times! I love you and miss you all! Please send me some questions! all of you, boys, dad, mom, other family, friends! I would love to answer them! Love you all! :)

Elder Minson

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