Sunday, July 27, 2014

If you have the gospel as the center focus in the family it helps bond the family closer together!

Dear Family over 7000+ miles away from this country,

Alright so this week was pretty dang good! We had a lot of teachings and a lot of great investigators preparing for baptism! We have been doing real well with finding those who are elect and are willing to come unto Christ! I also had exchanges with Elder Howell and we went to the middle of the wilderness to visit his super elect old lady that I will talk about later! 

So first I want to update you all, Sister Angeles Aliponga will be baptized on August 9th! She is super excited and is now super willing to do all she can to become a member which is great! She brought her 3 Grandchildren this week to church, which 2 of them are also able to get baptized this next month as well! :D

The Padua Family
The second update is the Padua Family! They are so amazing and by far our biggest blessing! We have been teaching them as a whole family now! At first it was just the mom and 3 of her daughters, but now it is the entire family all 8 of them! All of them are age 12 and above! The dad is a trike driver to get out to that particular part of our area! So we can stay in our area later at night and they will just take us home! It is just awesome because before it was really hard for us to teach many people out there because it is a far area and we would need to come home early from out there! But now we can be out tell 8:30 and get 6 teachings in that area a day! Besides the blessing of the trike, the Family is one of my favorites! They live in the same area as Sister Analyn Marce, who was my favorite baptism by far! So this area is just filled with my favorites and the most elect! The 8 of them are Sis Rosie and Bro Padua (they are the parents) then there is Ann(25), Bebelyn(23), Joffery(21), Charry(19), Stephen(16), Kimberly(12)! They are so awesome! Sister Bebelyn has been to church 3 times and might be baptized on the 9th as well or she will join her mom on the 16th! After that it will probably be sister Kimberly and Charry and then it will take some time to get the others because they are all really busy and have to find their faith still, but you can really see the progress in the family!

Actually we have a real funny story from that family! So I guess before we started teaching the family always had fights between siblings and things like that! (like an average family) But sense we have started teaching the family has stopped fighting with one another! They always tell us this story! Then yesterday we were teaching them and Sis Rosie was telling us how their pastor came by the house right after we left the night before. I will admit I got worried. Then she told us how after he came by the next morning her 2 kids got in a fight over a chicken! Then she bore her testimony how this church brings families closer together unlike other churches! HAHA! I thought it was so funny but it is totally true! If you have the gospel as the center focus in the family it helps bond the family closer together! 

Well we did have a baptism this week! Sister Encarnacion Rodriguez! She is a sweet old lady that is a bit crazy at times! But she has been in 12 different churches looking for the truth and she says now it is final! This is the truth! She is awesome and now we are focusing on her husband, daughter, and her grandchildren (which the grandchildren are the smartest kids I have seen!). 

Me and Elder Howell had exchanges as well this week! It was crazy! We went to the area that is the farthest I have ever traveled! It is 40 minutes on a trike and then a hour and a half walk to get to this place. This old nay, Sister Evangaline, lives up there! Now this are is impossibly far! And this nay has been to church 8 sundays in a row! She has little to no money to pay for getting food let a lone getting to the city, but she does every week! I love it so much it is just amazing! We had some good times out there in the bukid! I will send pics of that later! 

Well I don't think I am forgetting anything... Mom I haven't got your package but it will be alright I bet I will get it soon! Boys keep being those studdly men that you are! I am sorry I have not got any letters yet, well except Cydneys and that took like 4 weeks! I guess the mail is slacking lately! Dad I am so proud of you, I loved thos pictures of the baptism! Now i know how you feel when I send you mine! Haha! Well I love you all if you got any questions or anything let me know! You are all amazing! I love you!

Elder Minson
We Found this Picture on Elder and Sister Mowers Blog

Elder Kase Howell

A fruit called Marang

Brother Epoy and Sister Jinkey!

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