Monday, July 21, 2014

I have seen all types of rain, just like Forrest Gump, sideways rain, rain coming from the ground, big rain, little rain....

My Dear Old Missionary Family,

Alright, so this week was a very good and rainy week! We have been having lots of low pressure so we had a couple really huge storms this week! The weather here is so unpredictable some days it is scorching hot then the next, the whole world seems to be in a tornado! It is so cool, I have seen all types of rain, just like Forrest Gump, sideways rain, rain coming from the ground, big rain, little rain, and all of the above! It is so cool, literally "cool" I sleep so much better now haha! 

Alright, so this week had some amazing experiences that are just so awesome! My investigators are coming to the light! First let me talk about the P. Family! They are a huge family of 8! There are 5 girls (including the mother) and 3 boys (including the father). At first we were thinking they were just all bark but no bite! They listened well, but they didn't act upon it for awhile! Well on the 13th of July the 23 year old daughter went to church and said she loved it! Well yesterday she came with her Mom and they both felt the spirit! Elder Cusili and i went on Member exchanges yesterday and he was telling me stories of teaching their family! They all know it is true and all believe that this is the true church on the earth! They all want to be baptized, but only 2 went to church. So, their mother chastised them and said "How do you expect to get baptized if you don't go to church!" HAHAHA!! So hopefully this next week we will see all 8 at church!! 

Now about Sister A.A. She is an older Nanay, like 60+ years old. At first she was the most stubborn person! She was born catholic, like most people are, and she didn't want to change. Well We have just slowly been teaching her, and just tried helping her understand the needs of a true church. She was understanding, but she was trying to avoid saying we were right! Haha (she is as stubborn as I am)!! So we finally just begged her recent convert granddaughter to try her best to get her Grandma to church  So last Sunday, July 13, she came to church. And do to weather conditions and other problems we weren't able to go to her house all last week to follow up about it. Well she showed up to church yesterday and she came up to us and talked to us and looked at me and said, "Elder, Okay lang ko na." I was kind of confused, what does she mean by she is now okay? Well then she said that she received her answer. After church she went home and read the Book of Mormon and prayed, she said he answered her with an amazing bright light! She says she knows the church is true!!!! I was so happy for her it was unbelievable! She loves the church now, after being the most hard headed person, she even received an answer! That is just a testimony that this Gospel is for everyone big, small, or between! This gospel is the most amazing thing ever! 

Other then those 2 experiences nothing much happened! We are getting lots of new investigators from our recent converts and we are just sifting through them and finding the elect! That is how finding works, chapter 9 in Preach My Gospel. The first 2 points are Gods Family and the second is Find Those who are "Willing" to Except You. So that is what we have been doing finding those who are willing! :) 

Well other then that nothing else happened! It was a good week! We will have a baptism this week so next week you will see me all gwapo in white ;) We are doing well! I love my companion Elder Cusili! We have such a good sinc when it comes to teaching and we love the people! I am so glad to be here teaching in Cadiz! I pray transfers will pass be me by! I will keep going strong no matter what happens! I love you all I miss you so much! Keep up the good work! Keep those shoes on! :) 

Elder Minson

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