Monday, August 11, 2014

... and that is when the fire started.

Dear FantasticAMILY, (I am running out of things to say...)

Such a great week of events has happened! So I found out this area is not to bad after all! Well now it isn't! We fixed up the damage that was done and we are on the road to success! So this week was filled of progress! 

So my first week here I saw no progress and it was really sad, but we taught this one less active(Jenny Rose) who is 16 and she really wanted to go to Church, her problem is she was sick for 6 months straight, with TB. So we started teaching her and building her faith to go to church! It was really
Elder Minson and his Companion Elder Vital with the
Alajar Family, the 1st councilor in our bishopric!
We eat there every week!
good, then I asked if we could teach her family, and that is when the fire started. The next time we came back we taught her mom and her siblings, then we went next door to her cousins, then went next door again to a very long distance related cousin. Now that whole area is on fire! We had 4 people come to church and it is just amazing! We are now on a road to success over there.

We also have this family that lives right down the street from us, the De Leon Family. Now this is a part member family that has been taught for awhile! Now our main focus is on the main couple that owns the house, Sis Jennylyn and Bro Briant. Well Sister Jennylyn is like the best investigator in the world! She has been struggling to go to church and all these things before. Well when I came in we became friends almost instantly! She is so cool! She has 2 kids, BJ and Daniel, who are super cute! Well this week we pushed hard on her to go to church and receive the blessings! So that is what she did! She came to church! She is so cool and has been doing so good! She is feeling it and I know after this long wait she will be baptized while I am here! 

So the reason why above it only says Bago 1st Ward, is because president took us out of 2nd Ward. They didn't need us and that is where all the drama was! Now we can focus on the Ward that needs help! It was so nice on Sunday, we had some of the most organized meetings i have had my whole mission! This ward will progress it just needed some loving from the missionaries! Before my time the missionaries were not good with members and a lot got offended. So that is our focus, to repair what missionaries broke! The Ward is fantastic and is willing to work now! We have been trying really hard to get this happening and now we are seeing the fruits of our labors! :)

Elder Minson and elder Zobell
(Elder Zobell is returning home this week)
So that is all I have to say about that... Haha guess that movie? So I just want to let you all know I
Sister Bitter and Elder Minson
(Sister Bitter is returning home this week)
love you and am so proud of you! You are all amazing people and I am so glad you are enjoying life! I have been working real hard and trying to stay focused and just enjoy the work! It has been working wonders! I think I will be home sometime next week ;) haha! Well I sent some letters with Sister Bitter, she is also batch with Elder Garner. She will text Moms cell phone, I gave her the number and our address! I hope you are all doing good! I love you all to bits! Keep those shoes on! 

Elder Minson
Elder Minson, Brother Epoy and the twins!
They worked with us and they are awesome!

Brother Patrick who is going on a mission and he is from Cadiz 1st ward
Elder Minson, Elder Cusili
Brother Kevin a Branch Missionary from Cadiz 2nd Branch!

Brocks first attempt at Adobo. Apparently it is good.



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