Sunday, August 3, 2014

I will admit I am really sad I left Cadiz...

Dear and Panimalay ko,

Alright, yes I got transferred and yes as you can see from the title of this letter I am in Bago City. It is really hard being new here because when we say that in Illongo it goes something like this, Ako si Elder Minson, ako ang bago nga elder diri sa Bago. Yes so this is the New City in the language! And yes it is very much more city then Cadiz! We are only 40 minutes away from Bacolod! So yeah... City......, we are covering a lot of area! This is the first area to be over 2 different wards at the same time! President usually assigns a companionship to a ward, but we have 2 wards... which makes things really difficult! 

I will admit I am really sad I left Cadiz... I had lots of baptisms lined up like literally over 12 baptisms!! So yeah I am a bit disappointed in that... but I will live! I think the hardest thing was leaving the people. I spent most of Tuesday saying good bye (President discourages it, but I had to). My investigators had lots of tears... and so did I! They miss me, but i have gotten updates from Elder Cusili and they are now even more converted to the gospel from my service! 

When I arrived here in Bago, we went out and taught... every investigator was confused and very few understood anything from what the elders had previously taught... so what am I meant to do here? Work and fix it! Haha! I see it all around here. The members are nice but the work is little... The progress is slow by this! I am trying really hard to build that up! So far I feel good!

Yesterday was a good day. The past 5 days I just let my companion, Elder Vital, lead the area and show me whats going on. He is my batch, I am still senior companion though. He is a timid person, he has very little fight in him! So I am a whole new world for him because I am as hard headed as it gets! haha! So yesterday I told him it is my turn! SO we went on splits with the members and I led a part of the area by myself. I did as Presidents training required and I found! I saw the potential yesterday and I am latching on that home as much as I can right now!

It has been rough and has been really hard to keep going here... The area just has very little, but i ma trying to keep positive and push it! I hope I can tell you more next week! I think by next week things will be going and we should have lots of progress! I am sorry I don't have much else to say... I am trying to get a card reader so I can send pics soon! Sorry there is none for now! Well today is Elder Zobells birthday and we are in the same zone so we are going to go have lunch with him later! And then we will be playing basket as a zone! So that is some good news! :) 

Well I love you all i miss you and am so proud of you all! Keep strong keep focused and keep being the best you can be! Keep the shoes on and I promise you will make it through the trials of your lives! :) I Love you all!! :)

Elder Minson

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