Sunday, August 17, 2014

Called to Serve ... as district Leader. Stressed but up to the challenge.

Dear Family... that is far away, (I am really running out here!)

New Comp Elder Racaza and Elder Minson
Well sorry for the amount of pictures this week... it is only one because this week has been very stressful! Well let me start from the top, we got a call on Tuesday for transfers... so yeah new companion again! His name is Elder Racaza, he is only 4 months in the mission, and this is his second area! He does not quiet understand the language yet so yeah... I am picking up Tagalog now! Haha! We are working hard trying to get things going! We had some good experiences this week too! :) 

So I talked about Sister Jennylyn, and how she is one of my favorite investigators of all time. Well we visited them and her husband was there, we had a great lesson! Elder Vital told me that he... he wouldn't listen and all these things, but when I met him and taught him he was probably one of the best, most attentive investigators! We challenged him to church, and he went!! With his whole family!! It was amazing to see and I was so glad to be a part of it! God works in mysterious ways and sometimes it just comes at good times! 

Newly called District Leader Elder Minson
and the other elders of his District in Bago.
Sisters Apparently were not around
Well we are doing really well with everything out here, we got a pretty big area that we were given from the sisters! It is a bit crazy there, because we are still trying to get know the area that I had before, now we have this new area full with investigators from the sisters! Plus the ward is pushing us hard on reactivation as well! Oh and on top of all that I was made district leader this last transfer so i am taking care of 3 pairs of elders and 1 pair of sisters as well! So yeah we could use some prayers there! Hahaha! :)

I am doing very good though, we have a great thing going in one of our areas. It is a bit far out, but the people are great! We have this group of 13-16 year old teenage kids that go to church and will be baptized next month! They live under okay situations, but their parents are not good influences. They gamble and smoke and drink, but this had made the kids stronger and want to avoid it more and more! It really is awesome to see!! :) 

Well I don't have much this week, been very stressful, but it will all be good! :) I am taking on the challenge and hoping to see good results! Just keep praying for me and my investigators! I could use all the help I can get! 

I am so proud of you all! Brigham, you are taking on such a leadership role which is so good! Keep strong and focus on being the best you can be! Brody, sounds like you are partying it up! Enjoy that time while you can, but don't let it distract you! You are now in seminary which is an amazing thing and will help you build in testimony! Just don't let others take your standards down! Mom, I forgot to say last week but i am so proud of you and your grades in school! You really set the example for us! I am so proud of all you are doing! Dad, I am so glad to hear about the business going well! It really is crazy to see how blessings come to those who are faithful! I am happy to hear that the family is good and working hard, you raised us right! :) 

Well Family I don't got much more to say! I love you! I know this gospel is true and brings happiness and peace to those willing to search and obey! I am excited to see this area start to progress and see the many people here come unto Christ! I miss you and I love you all! Keep strong and keep those shoes on! :)

Elder Minson

Baptisms in Brocks last area 2 from the Padua family Sister Rosie (the mom) and
sister Bibilyn (From the Family of eight, other are still progressing)!
1 is Sister Angeles Alipongation

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